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Kirstie Alley ballooned to 200 pounds
Kirstie Alley has ballooned to 200 pounds and more! And she is happy with it - read what I've found in a tabloid:
"The 5-foot-7 comedienne - who loves to gorge on bagels smothered in butter or cream cheese and Diet Dr. Pepper - has ballooned to 200 pounds and couldn't care less! ... Her eating is completely out of control. She's so in love with boyfriend James Wilder that when they're apart she experiences anxiety that can only be calmed with food.
... The actress who used to diet to keep down to about 145 has now soared to 200 and counting. She loves organic muffins and bagels slathered with cream cheese or butter. "She also has a weak spot for corn and bean chips," disclosed an insider. "And when Kirstie's binging, a whole bag can disappear in nothing flat."

"A good day is for me much food, much sex, much children."

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie told the insider, "I'm resigned that I'll never be like Cindy Crawford or Claudia Schiffer. I'm a full-figured woman - and dammit, I'm happy that way! To hell with what the rest of the world thinks. With my career going great, the love of a good man and my sweet kids, how can I gripe?"
What's more, her boyfriend James, who starred on "Melrose Place", love the mother of two just as she is. "He's so wonderful", she cooed to the close source. "He'll come back from a trip and I'll have gained ten pounds ... and he won't say a thing! He just says, 'You look soooo beautiful!'"


Another source knows: "Kirstie Alley is blaming co-star Kathy Najimy for her alarming weight gain. Kirstie was about 35 pounds lighter when she started VERONICA'S CLOSET. Kirstie is convinced Kathy's bad eating habits have rubbed off on her. Between scenes, Kathy and Kirstie like to sit around and pig out on fatteneing foods. If they hang out after work, they love to go out and eat their way through L.A. Kirsite fears that the only way she'll ever slim down is if she stays away from Kathy."


TV Bosses Beg: Get Kirstie Into A Fat Farm!

"Veronica's Closet" star Kirstie Alley exploded when producers begged her boyfriend to get her into a fat farm -- then released publicity photos of her head superimposed on a much-slimmer body double!"

I'm fed up with everyone telling me to lose weight!" the TV beauty spluttered to a pal. "Right now the only thing I want to lose are all the people telling me to lose weight!"

As The ENQUIRER recently revealed, the 5-foot-7 comedienne has ballooned to a scale-crunching 200 pounds. And sitcom execs are so desperate to put her on a diet they turned to her beau James Wilder for help. But when Kirstie found out, she hit the roof!

"Kirstie is spitting mad at 'Veronica's Closet' producers and what she calls their 'underhanded tactics,'" said an insider on the hit NBC series. "She fumed to one of her assistants: 'The nerve of them going behind my back to James – trying to convince him to get me to go to a fat farm! If they think I'm going to lose weight just because they want me to, then they've got another think coming.'"

Before she started filming "Veronica's Closet," the 47-year-old star launched herself into a rigorous get-fit program. She fasted on fruit juice and restricted her diet to organic foods and a program that features pre-weighed and measured meals. Kirstie also ran each day and worked out several times a week with a fitness trainer.

But she abandoned her diet and workout program last fall (1997), blaming the demands of her hectic work schedule and being a full-time mom to her two young children. "As a result, Kirstie packed on more than 30 pounds," said the insider. "Producers have tried to camouflage her figure by wrapping her in robes, loose negligees and coats. " They've even had Kirstie grow her hair longer to disguise her thickening neck and fleshy chin." As a last resort, they superimposed Kirstie's head on a much-slimmer body double.  "The double is actress Anya Longwell who appeared in the 'Veronica's Closet' pilot and several other episodes as a model named Tree." But when Kirstie caught wind of producers' plans to release new publicity shots with her head on top of Anya's body, she flipped! "She read producers the riot act and made them can the pictures."

She has never been thin as a stick. But you can see how she piled on the pounds through the years - until her newest weight gain!
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