Monica Seles

She has had a hard time, and I'm afraid she is somehow still suffering from the attempt upon her live in Hamburg a few years ago. Her play isn't as successful as it has been before, and often she doesn't seem to be in a good condition. This all is very sad, because she probably could still be the No. 1 in women tennis if this awful attack hadn't take place.

So I was in doubt if I could place her pictures here because her weight gain was probably caused by fear and frustration after the attempt. In her book she writes that she comforted herself with food and gained around 40 pounds. When she had her comeback 1995, only a few pounds of this weight gain were left, and she seemed to get back in her old shape. But this year - was it in Wimbledon or anywhere else - she showed herself having gained again not so few pounds. And this why I posted the pics - she is still a tennis star, and she has to deal with the same weight - should I call it a "problem"? - like other tennis players, too. Look at Martina Hingis, Mary Pierce, Barbara Rittner, Conchita Martinez and many more.

So we wish the best for Monica Seles, and I think that she makes with a few pounds more on her hips still a better figure on the court than many other.

Monica Seles thin Monica Seles fat Monica Seles fat
Monica Seles thin Monica Seles fat
Monica Seles thin Monica Seles fat
Monica Seles thin Monica Seles fat

And here's a look into the future - maybe...

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