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Niki Taylor

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Niki Taylor
Supermodel Niki Taylor piled on a whopping 70 pounds while eating for three - herself and twins Hunter and Jake - two years ago (1995). "I craved meat. I ate meat and potatoes every night," says Taylor, 22, laughing. "If someone had leftovers on their plate, it was like, 'Give it to Nick!'" Despite running one or two miles a day into her seventh month, Taylor - now divorced from the twins' father, former football coach Matt Martinez - ballooned from a size 6 to a 20, ultimately carrying nearly 200 pounds on her 6' frame. At birth, the twins tipped the scales at 7 pounds apiece.

But she already had gained weight when she was engaged with Matt Martinez. "I have to say, since we've been together I've put on 10 pounds, and I love it. Now I've got hips and boobs. ...I'm more of a woman." Sounds good!

Her "normal" weight is 130 pounds on her 5'11" body. But who says this will stay the same in eternity?

"When I found out I was pregnant, I was like, 'I don't have to worry anymore!'" says the normally svelte model (at home in Fort Lauderdale with her 2-year-old twins). "I ate everything and gained 70 pounds just like that."
Look at the pics from left to right - from a skinny Niki going to a voluptuous Niki with a little potbelly!
Niki Taylor Niki Taylor Niki Taylor
Niki Taylor Niki Taylor Niki Taylor

And here's a look into the future:

A plump Niki

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