Princess Victoria of Sweden

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The latest news (December 1997) were bad news: Princess Victoria of Sweden is suffering from eating disorders, caused by the stress she has when she has to represent the royal family in the public. She has lost a lot of weight and doesn't look healthy now. Let's hope that she will conquer her eating disorders soon and that the media will respect her privacy. - I read a few days ago that she is feeling better and has already gained back some of the pounds she has lost so dramatically.

Before she lost the weight she was on the best way to a future plumper. If you look at the pics above, you see a definitly plump Princess of Sweden. There were rumors that Queen Silvia had to restrict her daughter's chocolate comsumption because she was getting heavy - and some of the pics confirm that!

So Victoria has the best chance to become a really big queen!

Victoria Victoria Victoria

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