The Spice Girls

Updated January 1998 and May 2000!

As anyone could imagine the five girls didn't slim down at all! On the contrary - Geri is getting curvier every week, Emma is bursting out of her tight clothes, and even Victoria is beginning to fill out. In their videos and in her new movie they look quite slim - but if they have public appearances, one can see how they plumped out. I've collected some recent pics from tv (January 1998).

Emma has developed a cute double chin...
... and her clothes have become a little tight...
...that's because she has those rolls of blubber
around her waist!
Geri and Emma
But Emma isn't the only one to pack on the
pounds - Geri's bust size must have nearly
doubled since she started her career as Spice Girl!
Look here for a real slim Geri!
Does smoking really help to lose weight?
"Waist? Did I ever say I've got a waist?"
Victoria and Geri
Seems like good eating habits are infectious
- even Victoria ist looking fuller than before!
Let's hope they continue enjoying their success
with lots of food!
The New Mel C
Sporty Spice Mel C is
no longer the spritely vixen she once was.

Future Plumpers