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"Can I take one second to relate a "backstage" story relating to Stevie when she and Joe Walsh were an item, AND out on tour together (mid eighties).

Joe's set opening up for headliner Stevie was cut down to about 30 minutes, so every once and a while, in towns that appreciated great rock and roll, Joe would do a solo show, and play for a couple of hours. In our case, he did a two and a half hour set that absolutely cooked. After the show, we were ushered backstage to meet Joe and the band, and who is sitting there waiting for him? His then-flame, Stevie Nicks. We are all stoked after the show he played, and in deference to Stevie's privacy, we pretty much ignored her (besides, we were due to see her the next day in Iowa City, and to do the same backstage thing all over again). I could not help noticing that "la Nicks" is eyeing a chocolate cream pie that was on the dessert table. Eventually, she got up, and instead of just slicing a single piece and taking to the table where she was sitting, she picked up the entire pie (topped to the ceiling with whipped cream), and returned to her seat with a spoon. At first, she ate slowly, toying with the dessert a small bite at a time. I looked away, asked Joe a question or two, and eventually glanced back to his girlfriend who at this point had devoured fully half of the pie. I caught the eye of one of the other attendees, and shot him a "are-you-seeing-what-I'm-seeing" kind of look. By the time I looked back to the table where Stevie was sitting, she had finished off the entire pie, and was going after the crumbs and stray wisps of whipped cream with her fingers.

Storal of the mory: We now know the reason she was a fan of the unrestrained dresses and layers of lace. She isn't a "Future Plumper"....I think she has been one for quite a while."

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