Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

Tiff in revealing white dress

Like any other star, Tiffani-Amber, who plays Valerie Malone on Beverly Hills, 90210, has to deal with gossip. A recent rumor that has been talked about in the media concerns her alleged weight problem, spread by a 90210 extra who told reporters that Thiessen pigged out on M&M's between takes and had a weight clause in her contract. Tiffani responded to that in an issue of Entertainmnet Weekly. "That really got me frustrated. 90210 is not like boot camp. I don't have to weigh in. Honestly, I enjoy food. And I'm never going to be stick thin like Kate Moss. But I don't eat like a pig. That extra is a total idiot. Get a life. For one thing, I hate M&M's, okay? I called Aaron and said, `I don't know who this girl is, but she's not going to be around next season!"

She claims to have had to struggle with her weight since she was seventeen (She is now 25.) and that it has been an on-going battle. "There's a lot of added pressure because I work with so many beautiful, thin people, and I've been asked to lose weight before by producers (This was a while Tiff in sundress ago on Saved By The Bell.) It really hurts, but that's part of what this business is about. I work out four times a week with a trainer, and I try to get on the bike every day. I want to look good and be healthy." She also takes kick-boxing lessons.

Tiffani is a woman who is finally admitting that it's okay to have some curves. I see a beautiful alternative to the stick-thin actresses that are the norm in Hollywood. Isn't it great that Tiffani-Amber admits enjoying food? She's a rare breed in Hollywood, and I, for one, hopes there are more where she came from!


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