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Wannabe How-To
It's easy.

Just send us a few good pictures and a brief description of yourself. But remember, your chances of getting the votes and being selected as a Dimensions model may well depend on the quality of the pictures you send. No dinky snapshots, murky portraits, tacky GlamourShots, or polaroids. You need to put your best side/smile/features forward.
Also, if you are selected, great pictures are an absolute must and they will determine who is featured on the cover.

You can do it in one of two ways:

1) Submit portfolio with several high quality sample photos (Prints/slides/negs/photo CD) and a brief description of yourself via snail mail to:
Include phone number where we can reach you.


2) Fill out this form and email them to us as JPEGs or GIFs. Again, we can only use good quality scans of good pictures.

Each submission must be accompanied by your acknowledgment that we may be using the pictures on the website or in the magazine.

Please don't submit pictures if you're going to change your mind later. It takes a lot of time to scan images and prepare the pages.

(Due to the number of submissions we receive, we cannot guarantee consideration nor return or acknowledgement of submissions)