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Wannabes Here are some of your comments on the latest Dimensions Model Wannabes!
I PRAY the you will do a layout in your magazine with Melonie. Maybe you can get her to do a Wide Angle Video. She's the hottest I've seen in a long time.
I live in chicago and i have been in the presents of sylvia she is even more beautiful and sexy in person! i hope to see her in the magazine soon. like she said in her Bio, she does demand her space! I want to see moooooooooore of her.
I have not before thought to comment, but your recent posts include some of the most sexy and beautiful women I have yet seen on the website. Sylvia, Vikki, Jenny, Rhonda, Cathy, Melonie, and Carrie are extremely impressive looking women. Would love to know what chat rooms they hang out in, and offer encouragement in their recognition of their unique beauty, as well as possibly get to know what they are like as people.
For an older woman, Karol is extremely HOT!  She gets a vote from me!
Coreen, She is hella beautiful
For Round 12 Wannabies here are 3 choices:     April     Leah     Cyndi
Vikki gets my vote. What a beautiful woman!
  Vicki is absolutely gorgeous! she have an Email address? she has a beautiful tan.  How much does she weigh?
kelly and michelle seem like they should be added.
This beautiful woman is my first choice for magazine coverage. CARRIE!!!
Sylvia Sylvia Sylvia Sylvia Sylvia Sylvia Sylvia
We want Stephanie to be on the cover of Dimensions Magazine!
I would like to place my vote for Melonie Rose. For the life of me, I cannot figure why she has not already been chosen to appear in Dimensions.
Melonie is a woman of epic proportions, and I can only hope that she is as loving and kind-hearted on the inside as she is voluptuous on the outside.
Gosh !!! What a great selection of gorgeous Big Beauties. Most of them certainly would win my vote right from the heart, but as in every race only one can make it to No. 1. So here are my favourites:
1. Coreen from CA (she`s just heaven on earth!!!!)
2. Jenna from Washington St. (very sexy!!)
3. T`Rina from Idaho (my favourite BBW on the web and a true SSBBW!!!) Maybe you can give all three of them a chance... would love to see them in a future issue.
I want to vote for Stephanie to be on the cover of Dimensions Magazine.
Tracy has one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen. She seems to be a very beautiful and interesting person.
Sorry my english is not to perfect but in spite of that I have to give my compliments to melonie. She's so unbelievebel sexy. I like also very much what she said about her learning to accept her unique body.
This group of "Wannabees" is the BEST EVER!!!    Such pretty faces, dynamic beauty from teenagers to mature women.   I feel like a little boy in a toy store!
I woluld like to cast my vote for Karol, Melonie, and Diana, I would love to see more of Melonie and Karol.  Diana is simply one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.
Vikki is my choice of all the wannabes, what a gorgeous smile and such a sexy body.
I pick coreen for the future of plus size women. Class and sass!!
like to vote for Denise from Derry N.H. thank you
I surfed thru the wannabes. Not knowing any of them, it's fun to read the remarks.  Of all, I like what Michaela and Melonie had to say.  I'd wish to see these gals given a chance to be featured in a future Dimensions!
I vote for carol as THE SEXIEST!!!
I believe that Ginger should be in the BBW Mag.  Very sexy, with a girl next door look.  Gives an air of being a lady,plus that bit of naughtyness that men love.  She is wearing a red baby doll outfit in most of her shots. 
i want to cast my vote for stephanie to be on the cover of dimensions magazine.
All these Women are GORGEOUS!!! I especially liked Cynthia & Lisa on (pg2)Janine & Ginger on (pg5)  and Leah on (pg?).
What a great collection of canidates.  Ann Marie, Andrea, Jenny , Kelly, Sharon and Vikki were all Hot!!!  While it was difficult to chose one to be featured, if forced I have to vote for Ann Marie. I really enjoy the tastful way your magazine features BBW.  Deminsions is the Playboy of the FA's world.  Keep up the good work and keep featuring all of those hot photo's of very beautiful BBW's.
These wonderful wannabees are definately GONNABEES
I vote for WUZUPGIRL
My vote is for Vikkie. She is so Beautiful! A face to die for.
Hey I think Honey's hot!!!
I vote for Michaela.
jsinhawaii is a very beautiful woman i would love to meet her. i think she would make it as a bbw model
In reviewing you model photos, the judges may have a tough decision, being a lover of bbw's i found that Jenny is fantastic,  the other models have one or two aspects whereas Jenny is the total package.  A manner of style, grace and elegance along with very attractive features excels her above your other models,   I went through your models twice, each time I kept going back to her photo to compare, there was no comparison.  Thank you for your time and patience in reading this.  An avid BBW lover
jenny is a super fine girl for your mag and i would love to see her own photoshoot she would be awesome.
Andrea is one very sexy lady...she should be in your magazine
I would like to vote for Earlana
I think Michaela from Akron should be..She is a very pretty young lady. She has the look that I would want to see in a magazine. She looks sincere.
Wuzupgirl all the way!!!!!!
CJ looks good!  I Vote for her!
I think, Jenny is the most sexy fat girl..... she looks great..
Being a BBW admirer, my vote has to go to Jen, she is beautiful, sexy, and deserves to be in this magazine. 
Hey!  I just got a look at the wannabes page on the Dimensions Magazine website.  This is great feature, and I really love to look at all those alluring BBWs!
But the BBW who gets my vote for the most beautiful and desirable woman of the bunch is GINGER.   She has got to be the most gorgeous, sexy, and sweet looking woman I've ever seen!  She seems so incredibly sensuous. I just love that sweet, but oh-so-sexy look in her eyes.  And that killer body!!  WOW!!  I am in so in love . . .
I Vote for Jenny on the first page
I think Kelly is so beautiful
I personally Vote #1 Andrea #2 Rhonda for model wannabe sellection
My choice has to be Wuzupgirl.  She's got a great smile and a great body.  I would love to see mid-sized women represented more.
Jenn gets my vote for sure she's the one I'd want on my magazine cover for sure she jus knocks me off my feet!!
i'm in love with SARA.......
I am so very mesmerized by these pictures Wow
i vote for Jenny from hawaii she's without a doubt the most photogenic..........
ohh my God ..Goddess sylvia is incrediable ...i want to see her on the front page!!!I want to know all there is to know i have never seen a bbw sooo beautiful:)love her love a true FA...
I would vote Jenny. I think she is the Prettiest of the all!!
Honey is fabulous, absolutely breathtaking.
Love all thought hot ladys.
Being a BBW admirer, my vote has to go to Jen, she is beautiful, sexy, and deserves to be in this magazine. 
( Andrea) I think you are beautiful person ,i also live in IL
that woman Michele - second row 4th pic - is absolutely gorgeous - she should definetly be on the next Dimension's cover
I just happened to be thumbing through the wanna-be section and Karol really caught my attention, I don't know how you all choose your models but Karol surely has my vote.
Lyssa is so sexy
I know Jennie.  She should be your featured Model
WUZUPGIRL has my vote this round.  I am the same height and weight as she is and I give her CREDIT, for showing off all that beauty in of all things a bikini, You GO GIRL!!!   All that beauty and a degree, WOW look out world!!! 
I think Jenny should be in and on the cover of BBW Magzine.  She fits the profile of a beautiful person inside and outside.  Jenny should be chosen as BBW model.  If she was BBW Magzine's model, I would by 100 copies.
I think Andrea should be it.
I believe Jenny should get a chance to star on the cover of your magazine. I believe that she pocess the beauty to qualify her both outside and inside.
Anne Marie is # 1
I love what you are doing with this magazine. I think that jenny would make a good cover person.  She shows just enough, but leaves something to the imagination. I comend all women for there courage.
My vote is for Michele.
Christine looks gorgeous. IŽd like to vote for her !
MSXXL Best BBW in the business- gets my vote..
ANDREA is incredible wow
I think Coreen is very pretty.  I like the look of not being showy and her beauty speaks loudly.  Her picture is very tasteful and good.
My vote goes to Michaela - her entry photos are tasteful, and her AOL site suggests she's got a healthy sense of humor as well. An overall attitude of life that is equally as attractive as she is (and she is a goddess!), that is my definition of beautiful.
Just saw your new set of wannabes. Man, I gotta say that Melonie has to be one of the most beautiful and interesting canadates that you have had in a long time. She's your girl.
Are the Wannabes email available or are their addresses confidential.  I also would like to say that Carrie (second screen, first photo), is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.  You definitely have a website going with some drop-dead gorgeous women!  Keep up the good work; it's nice to see websites like yours!
I`m so happy that I finally found a magazine and web site that has my favorite women to look at, do the following beauties have web sites or e-mail addresses: Melonie Rose, Misty,  Kathleen M, Jenifer H, Cathy, Kristin, and Cynthia.
I'd like to say "hi" to Carrie and pass along that I thought she looked great.
i vote for Carrie
theresa from nh
My vote is for Carol now there is a BBW
Definitely a woman with appeal, confidence, and the image that reflects a dimension girl...she gets my vote...actually of the lovely ladies, but Melonie wins my vote
I just wanna say that i like Honey.
Fantastic site!!!!!  I was wondering if you had any more in formation on the Wannabe named Melonie. She's the last one pictured on the first page, of Wannabes. 5th one over 3rd row in the corrner.
She is very beautiful,and an excellent choice for your magizine! Anything more you have of her, I would be very grateful. If not keep up the Great site! I will return often, now that I found you.
my vote goes the Denise in the last page wow what a beautiful lady :-))
Jennifer H ... WOW!  Gorgeous!!!
I would like very much to cast my vote for DENISE in your contest.
yummmmy love that carol yummm she is so hot
Denise on the last page I think should be an absolute winner on this website. Definitely needs a second look at.
Blondes have always been a alluring look and I think this person "Denise" is worth a definite chance in your magazine.
These women are beautiful How can i contact them
I think brooke and Carrie should feaure in the nexr dimensions
As ALL of the candidates are, I'm sure, wonderful candidates, there is something about Melonie and her story that struck something so I would like to cast MY ballot/vote for her as your next cover person.
I want to vote for Denise from New England
hello i think carrie would win hands down in a beauty contest. with or without clothes. the others dont even come close
Simply breath taking love big beautiful women.
my vote is for carol she is on hot BBW
My vote is for Carol.  She is "all that" and more!!!!!  I for one want to see more of her.  You cant and shouldn't miss this opportunity to support those of us who want to see more!!!
I wanna vote for Denise because she is the largest and without a doubt the best looking one. No really, I think that Denise should get the award because she is the most beautiful girl on the page!!!!!!!
I would vote for Carol to be featured in your magazine...
I think Kathleen M. would be a great addition to your magazine.
Please feature CARRIE (page 2 of the new wannabes) on your website!
I think Carrie should be featured in your mag one month.  She is intelligent and extremely sex and a model for your readers.
Put on  LEAH !!!!
melinie is fabulous she must be featured
Definitely think that Jennifer, the French/Puerto Rican pecan is very sexy. Her look is just so illustrious.  Makes u want her, want 2 find out about her.  Only one thing b4 casting my vote 4 her... she sez she's a ssbbw, but her body is not shown in the pic.  I'd love 2 see a full size of this full size. 
My vote for Wannabees is T'Rina Msxxl.  Beautiful face, beautiful figure, lots of fat.  Great balance.
I think T'Rina should be in your next issue. She is absolutely gorgeous, confident, and has the sexiest belly I have ever seen. I would love to see her in the next magazine.
I just saw Trina in your model wannabe section.  If there ever was a woman who should be a model for Dimensions, it's Trina.  Her comments about self-acceptance and her beauty make me think that She is your next cover girl.
loved the pics of t'rin. this gal should grace the pages of your publication soon IMO.
T-raina should be the next wannabe on the cover of Deminions magazine. She is super hot
Denise from New England should definitely be in the next round of voting!!!! She is incredibly gorgeous!!
Each and every one of these beauties deserves to win! Nothing surpasses the beauty of a BBW!!! Keep up the great work on a terrific page!
I understand there are 2 Denises.....I wanted to vote for the one on the last page.
Jessi and Michelle certainly deserve to be in your Magazine.
Sometimes the wannabes only post a picture of their face, which makes it difficult to see if they are really bbws. Pictures of the body are really helpful. Statistics are helpful too.
Ann Marie has my vote.  Not only does she have all the makings of Dimensions Magazine BBW she has a touche' to die for.
wazupgirl should definitely be included.......though she is a little on the thin side her energy and beauty and security in showing of her extra chunk is spectacular. she would be an excellent cover girl i should say.
I think AnnMarie should be featured in Dimensions Magazine, because of her beautiful, large and powerful legs!
Melonie, no question!
WAZUPGIRL is my choice to be the next Wannabe.
Brandy W has a lovely face and looks
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