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I am 31 years old, I love to ride horses, am a supervisor at my job which I love I work for a major grocery store chain I am divorced and have four beautiful children... that phase of my life is over (having babies) now I want to watch them grow and move into the other areas of of life and love. I am romantic and like to cuddle... I love to be in love ..... I can feel loved anywhere, anytime and don't need fancy things to impress me . I appreciate the smallest of things...but I also see problems where others dont yet see them.. I adore good food, a good book, a great conversation..... I like foot ball and hockey which my boyfriend taught me about. I like most things if I understand it!!.A good sumary of my life is I have spent most of it searching.... looking for something I am not sure what... when I find it I will let you know!

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