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More Americans agree that diets don't work

By Jessica Wehrman / Scripps Howard News Service

    Two out of three adult Americans are trying to control their weight, yet the majority of them are not "on a diet," according to a new national survey. This shows that Americans are increasingly realizing that diets don't work.
    The survey, conducted for the Calorie Control Council, shows that 27 percent of adult Americans are on a diet. Yet another 39 percent say they are making an effort to control their weight but do not consider themselves to be on a diet. Another 34 percent are neither on a diet nor making an effort to control their weight.
    Speaking of weight control, the International Food Information Council Foundation has just released a consumer brochure and fact sheet to shed light on managing fat in the diet.
    The Benefits of Balance: Managing Fat in Your Diet, shows how lower-fat foods can help you manage the fat in your diet while allowing you to continue to enjoy your favorite foods.
    To receive the brochure, send a self-addressed, stamped legal-size envelope to: Benefits of Balance, IFIC Foundation. P.O. Box 65708, Washington, D.C. 20035.