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Wednesday January 14 11:12 AM EST

Doctor jailed for fat removal surgery death

TOULON, France (Reuters) - A doctor was sentenced to 27 months in jail Tuesday over the death of a mother of six following quick-fix surgery to lose weight for her daughter's wedding.

Dr. Jean Guillaume Laurent carried out the fat removal operation on Catherine Esvan in April 1989, but the 38-year-old woman fell into a coma during surgery and never regained consciousness. She died in August 1992.

Laurent denied a charge of manslaughter and said he only gave Esvan a local anesthetic, which he said was not responsible for her death.

The court in this Mediterranean port city sentenced him to two years in prison for causing the woman's death and an additional three months for illegal medical practice.

Esvan wanted to lose 17 pounds quickly for the wedding of one of her children. At the time of the fatal surgery, Laurent was carrying out an average six or seven fat removal operations a week and earning around $41,000 a month.

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