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Longtime Size Acceptance Supporter Dies

Thursday, March 5, 1998 5:00am PST

It is with a profound sadness that I share the following news with you. Peggy Williams, one of the size acceptance movement's staunchest supporters and a former NAAFA national board member, passed away Thursday morning (March 5).

Plagued with recurring cellulitis that was hampered in healing by her diabetes, Peggy has spent the last 3 1/2 months in and out of hospitals. During her recuperative period she suffered a broken hip which also became infected and she was placed in an extended-care facility waiting for the infection to subside. She was at this facility when she had a heart attack and died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Peggy is survived by her daughter, Lori, 18. Her sister Arlene is making funreal arrangements and as soon as I have information on the funeral and where you can send condolences I'll let you know.

Peggy had the rare talent of putting a smile on the face of just about everyone who came in contact with her. Her warmth, generousity, and indomitable spirit will be with us always. I am proud to call her a dear and cherished friend. To say she will be missed is a gross understatement.