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I am always getting letters trom my readers asking how to get into plus sized modeling, or where to find a specific article of clothing. And, as much as I love corresponding with you all... I just didn't have the time to answer everyone, so I have published the following two guides to answer your questions. I have worked long and hard on them, and I truly think they are quite good. I hope they will help you to find what you are looking for. And please note below I can now take your order via your VISA or Mastercard.

Regards, Sandie

"Sandie's Clothesline" © (4th Edition)

The definitive clothing and fashion resource guide for plus and supersized women, (written and compiled by Dimensions Magazine fashion editor, Sandie Sabo), featuring retail stores, outlet stores, resale and consignment boutiques, custom clothiers, catalogs, manufacturers, designers, internet resources, vendors and specialty item sources that cater to the BBW. Focus is on the small and independent store/company, not the big chains. 650 plus listings (in 90+ pages) including, bridal, lingerie, bras, maternity, coats & hats, costumes, swimwear, shoes, jewelry, active wear, specialty items, sewing patterns, and a full range of clothing. (Many not found in other guides.) 4th edition has an expanded bridal section for the plus sized bride as well as more sewing and shopping tips. Send check or money order (U.S. funds) for $18.95 ($1.50 postage foreign orders only) to: Sandie Sabo, P. O. Box 130244, Carlsbad, CA 92013-0244.

"So You Want To Be a Model!" ©

A 25+ page guide on how to break into plus and supersized modeling. Written and compiled by Dimensions fashion editor Sandie Sabo, it is packed with common sense tips on how not to get ripped off, and what area of the modeling field you may be best suited for. Includes information on photographers, compiling your "book", beauty pageants, model training, fashion modeling, and adult modeling, with agent's names and other important info tor the model wannabe. Send check or money order (U.S. funds) for $15.95 ($1.50 postage foreign orders only) to: Sandie Sabo, P. O. Box 130244, Carlsbad, CA 92013-0244.

SAVE $3.00 by ordering both guides now. Send check or money order for $30.90 and receive "Sandie's Clothesline", and "So you want to be a model!"

* For credit card orders, please call (760) 918-0909, Mon.Sat, 9:00a-6:00p Pacific Time. Or you may e-mail me credit card info. Please include credit card billing address, shipping address, and phone #, if sent snail mail or e-mail.

For questions on ordering or information contained in the guides, you may write to Sandie at the above listed address, or e-mail at <Psykikstar@aol.com>.