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  1. 600Bill
    380 plus and gaining. Love being very fat.
  2. bdiazz
    bdiazz RedHead
    dear am in west haven, ct. Would be willing to visit? what about dating a black African who will care?
  3. traceg
    traceg penelope porkchop
    Lol we have something in common we both love to eat ;)
  4. Orchid
    Hi. Recently recovered from having flu in march. Now in april 2019 making a new journal.
  5. Lindak665
    Lindak665 Rich
    Hi handsome
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  6. Rich
    Rich Lindak665
    Hi Linda, I found you
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  7. Orlando Garcia
  8. DragonFly
    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Dimensions!
    sense utopia no hi ha realitat
  10. Lindak665
    Single FL SSBBW seeking friendship leading to a long term relationship with the right FA.
  11. RedShellBlueShell
    Just finished reading Shrill. Mad respect for Lindy West! I just wanna advocate the hell out of stuff now.
  12. Mr. Jigglesworth
    Mr. Jigglesworth mzfluff
    Hey there girl, I can't believe no one has post a comment or compliment. You are one Gorgeous lady. Been a fan since becoming aware of you years ago. I have your "Darling Nikki" 7 deadly sins interview on dvd=)
  13. Mr. Jigglesworth
    Mr. Jigglesworth NewfieGal
    Hi. I'm a guy who not only likes and prefers ssbbws, I'm absolutely crazy for them. My name is Adam.
  14. Mr. Jigglesworth
  15. Mr. Jigglesworth
    Mr. Jigglesworth HottiMegan
    Hey stranger, I'm back on Dimensions. How have you been?
  16. nastygee
    Looking for a BBW woman or couple of any age, size or looks for no-strings adult fun...fancy it?
  17. bustybbwlover
  18. bustybbwlover
    bustybbwlover lucca23v2
    Beautiful pic
  19. bustybbwlover
  20. LiraMing Reigns
    LiraMing Reigns
    Ssbbw vintage makeup clothes decor..wwe fan ..
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