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    Encourager's Journal - by Cylon Bob

    By imaginative I meant the style of a journal as opposed to a straightforward story, and your varied vocabulary. It makes it more unique and interesting to read. I'll have to read the new chapter later. It should be good!
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    BBWs and Skinny Jeans

    If every single scrawny, curveless girl is allowed to wear skinny jeans/jeggings/leggings, I don't see why girls who actually have some curves to show off shouldn't be able to wear them.
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    Plot or Gain?

    For my ongoing story, and the only one I've written, I've worked the plot around various ideas I've had. So the plot isn't as important as the content itself really, for me.
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    Encourager's Journal - by Cylon Bob

    This is brilliant. I love your writing style, it's very imaginative and fluent. Looking forward to reading more.
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    Bellies in high school - by 123Superpro (~BBW, ~~WG)

    Author's note: Another update! Really sorry about the delay - I should be able to make more frequent updates now. Here's the next part: “Ok guys!” announced the instructor in a typically cheery fashion. “There are three ropes hanging down from the ceiling. I know a lot of you will be able...
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    Bellies in high school - by 123Superpro (~BBW, ~~WG)

    [Author's note: Sorry - Updates after this will come more frequently! I like this section a lot and spent longer than usual refining it. I wasn't able to include any stuckage as I couldn't find a way to implement it into any of the situations but rest assured I'll use it at some point. Here's...
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    Bellies in high school - by 123Superpro (~BBW, ~~WG)

    Does stuckage refer to them getting stuck in places because they're too big? If so, I can definitely include that. @Sugarkitten7, more bursting out of clothes is a given. :)
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    Bellies in high school - by 123Superpro (~BBW, ~~WG)

    Update coming soon. Sorry it took so long. I've been busy. PM me or write in this thread for requests/ideas. If I like them I might include them.
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    Question on Age?

    Yeah, a lot of schools accept people until the age of 18, or older if they are held back. It sounds like a similar scenario to my story, which focuses on a group of 18 year old girls at high school.
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    A Southern Story

    Loving this. Please keep it up.
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    Bellies in high school - by 123Superpro (~BBW, ~~WG)

    Author's note: Here's another update, and I hope you'll agree that the story's progressing nicely. It's slightly longer than usual, as I'm trying to make my updates longer. At Stacy’s house they went up to her room, Stacy put a bad film on and they half watched it, mocking the acting and...
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    Britney - by Gainingdane (~BBW, Eating, Denial, ~SWG)

    It's good so far. The grammar and sentence structure needs a little works, but it's coming along well.
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    High School Bellies-Superpro/Marcie (~BBW(multiple), Eating, Self-realization, ~SWG )

    Really like the progress made in this. It does great justice to my version. Keep it up!