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    what are you happy about today? Part 1

    Ooh, season 3 of house - it's good stuff! Well, have watched a couple of episodes with boyfriend, he won't relinquish his control of it yet because he knows when I get my hands on it it won't come back for a long time... Enjoy!
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    Messed up night.

    No idea about the car! But sounds like you had a bit of a crap night, nothing like a pissed off boyfriend to ruin things! Hope it's better next time you go out!
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    Attached or looking?

    Yup, same here!
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    "Miss England finalist is fat, lazy and a poster girl for ill health"

    Yup, apologies to anyone who reads the mail on here, but it is a pile of b*ll*cks! I especially loved the side bar - Find me a home, car, holiday... date! Ha! Lumping dates in with cars or holidays... idiot paper!
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    How much weight do YOU think I should gain?

    Definitely couldn't tell that was your weight from your pics! Like everyone else on here says, you do look great in them - beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but if so many people see it, you must know you're onto a good thing! Am just wondering if you posted to find out how big people...