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    So now you're Fat AND Dumb...

    This is just the "scientific" community giving the general populace permission to discriminate against normal and heavier people. I've noticed that in these "scientific surveys" that they never publish their findings, research, test subjects, variables, and controls. Now, as any proper...
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    Snack tables at fashion shows!
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    Skeletons! Bahahahahahah!!!!! But, that's fantastic to hear! To have the skinnies kicked out! WOW! I applaud that! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    Shoulda known! :doh:
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    So what is it, dear doctors? We're living longer healthier lives than our ancestors, or are we dying earlier deaths because we're fat? I'm confused. I've been confused over these "statistics" for a long time. Everyone claims that a certain epidemic, disease or accident is the number one killer...
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    "Call for fertility ban for obese" - British Fertility Society

    In my opinion, that's just plain discrimination. But of course, it's in the guise of "health care." After my failed attempt at having a child almost 12 years ago, I saw no reason to have another. I couldn't bare the thought of having to go through that all again. But to force someone to be...
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    Are you socially retarded?

    I'm just fat 'n stupid. Just barely a high school graduate, that all I am. I avoid social situations at all costs. I've been tested, retested, then tested again just to make sure. But I've never seen the results. They must've been that bad. I did have a few teachers say I was worthless and...
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    Fat Positive(?) TV show coming up on BBC

    I wish they had something like that here in the USA. Only tall skinny women make it here. Guys can look like anything. But women....Hollywood has standards.
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    LA Weightloss TV

    Every day I get hounded by the medical profession bout losing weight. And the people around me. Magazines. And the TV. The biggest loser of them all is L.A. Weightloss. I have to say I tried it. They stole almost 2 grand from me and I didn't even lose a pound. And there's no money back...
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    Phat Girls voted worst on IMDb

    Wow. That just goes to show you how much TV I watch. I've never heard of "Who Wants To Be A SuperHero". But good luck to her!
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    Dimensions and Self-Image

    Would you believe I was a size 5 in high school? But that was because I was eating far less, moving from foster home to foster home and eventually homeless in my senior year. Now I'm a 20. We chubsters have the round youthful look, like cherubs and baby angels. (Unlike the gaunt, tight, tired...
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    Phat Girls voted worst on IMDb

    I've noticed that in most Hollywood movies such as action, drama and especially kids shows, fat people are portrayed as evil, slovenly, hateful greedy and incredibly stuck up. And a lot of them are rich. While the heroes have always been the uber-athletic, scantily clad, mammoth bosomed...
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    Magnet at Hallmark

    POST OF THE DAY! :eat1:
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    Something for me

    Thanks, everyone! I'm so excited, but kinda scared, too. Pray for me that all goes well. I know you all care about me and that makes me feel better. I lurv you guys!:wubu:
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    Sore Feet

    From what it sounds like to me, it could be the onset to plantar fasciitis. It might be good to wear splints at night. And if you see a doctor, make sure you see one that isn't fat-biased. I had to wait 3 years for civilian medical insurance to kick in before I got fair treatment and by that...