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    Holiday weightgain

    Thanks for sharing your experience HM :) From your prior postings this is a real evolution for your wife and given that you're both happy with it, all the better :) It's interesting as her desire to gain weight is also coupled with asking you to slim down. From my limited experience, quite a...
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    Feeling naughty

    Thanks for sharing! A delightful and delicious anecdote hehe. If I may ask, do you think, from her current weight, that she will make it soon :) Personally, I tend to stray from the "straight and narrow" when I'm recovering from being sick,such as recently. Days without much of an appetite...
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    2012 NFL Thread

    As an eagles fan, I am indeed glad that they won on Sunday, but I can't help but shake the feeling that Andy will abandon what helped in this game (staying with the running game and having a more balanced attack). Additionally, they will be playing the Steelers next week, and they will certainly...