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    Ephedra's back, friend or foe?

    I used to use ephedra on a daily basis. I lived in a gym and worked out 7 - 10 times a week. Ephedra can be a somewhat effective product if used cautiously and watched. The main thing is it is thermogenic, which raises your body temperature and you sweat more, "burning" off water weight. It...
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    LargeFriends.com Gold Membership worth the price?(please comment!!!)

    I was a paying member there and on a couple of other sites and none were really worth it to me, very few women in the area it seemed. Have had much better success from chat or message boards. Of course that is not to say that it could work, just have had very little personal luck with any of...
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    Just wanted to add my two sense worth here on this. I had a couple of years ago the opportunity to experience this with two bbw ladies. It was a tremendous experience that I hope to have over and over again. For me it was the combination of botht the softness and the pressure from her weight...
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    World Famous *BOB*

    I know both of the ladies, they are regulars on Fire Island in the summertime, while BOB is not really a very large girl, she is definitely soft and curvey and a very very nice person and easy to talk to. Dorty Martini is an extremely perky bubbly lady, very very flexible, definitely fuller...