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  1. Absolutism

    Cheap National Airfare

    I forget that not everyone can live out of a backpack sometimes, haha. EDIT: I think that this might be spreading somewhat quickly, some of the dates I checked earlier that were available for $10 have already been snatched up. Only 10 available per flight, so I can't say I'm terribly surprised...
  2. Absolutism

    Cheap National Airfare

    A new airline is offering a $10 seat promotion through December. It's only national however, and from New England I could only seem to fly to and from Columbus as a hub to its' other available locations, but might be worth a look. Not sure on their policy for passenger size, but worse case...
  3. Absolutism

    Newbie 2?

    Soup has somehow convinced me to come out from the shadows. Not sure what to say, just a random 21 year old from southern NH. I suppose if anyone wants to know more, that's what replies and PMs are for, haha. Andrew