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    What are the advantages of being fat

    It may save your life:
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    An Ode To FAs Everywhere...

    Excellent work. Thanks for posting it again.
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    If you're a wine drinking BBW/BHM/FA...

    And for those among you who are more into beer, consider Hertog Jan beer. That brand has this lovely lady on its bottle caps.
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    Happy Easter

    Vrolijk Pasen, allemaal! Hallelujah, for the Lord omnipotent reigneth!
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    hi from italy

    Buongiorno signorina. Come sta?
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    Famous FAs?

    That was the Invisible Pink Unicorn (blessed be her holy hooves)! She has appeared to you in a vision.
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    Famous FAs?

    By coincidence I came across another possible FA, although the 'evidence' is vague: Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands since October 2010. On June 2, one week before the Dutch elections, Rutte appeared on the TV show De Wereld Draait Door. To provide some background info about Rutte...
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    What do you like about the previous poster? Part Trois!

    She's into horror.
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    Happy birthday, AmazingAmy!

    Have a nice birthday, Amy.
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    hi everyone..question about Fedding?

    U want 2 see bigg puzzee? Hear u go!
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    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    What a coincidence! I bought a BBW calender at the last BBW party I attended.
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    2011 Singles thread

    Okay, here I go again:
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    Happy New Years

    Happy New Year, folks! 2010 was a terrible year for me for numerous reasons, including this one, this one and this one. Here's to 2011! May it be a better year then the last one!
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    Happy birthday, Jes

    Congratulations. Have a wonderful day!
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    What do you like about the previous poster? Part Trois!

    Cool sunglasses! :cool: