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    Airlines to make bathrooms smaller

    Except that the FAA is actually looking in making the bathrooms bigger...
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    Ferry Service reduced due to obesity

    Something to keep in mind is that the US Coast Guard and well many other maritime agencies around the world always have been concerned about overweight boats. Overloading of passenger vessels used to be in the early days of ships a very common problem due to operators trying to push in as much...
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    Cars - What are you driving? (for fat drivers)

    Just something anecdotal, but the other day I was looking at my service manual for my Jeep Cherokee and interestingly, it says for the max weight for the passengers is 750 lbs. I'm trying to picture how that will work :P
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    Coast Guard shrinks passenger boat capacities as waistlines expand

    USCG has been always squeemish about these small 100 passenger boats since they became all the rage with tourists; operators seem to be cutting costs so they either put inexperienced captains at helm, leading to a whole bunch of errors.
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    An ambulance for heavy people

    Your standard box ambulance is probably more than capable of transporting patients of any size; the issue becomes loading and unloading plus size patients. I'm not a big fan of using a tail lift with an ambulance, but however, I like the tail ramp with a winch better because its much faster to...
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    The Rise of Women's Sumo.

    Oh, thats one of my favorite episodes of SVU!
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    Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet - Help!

    The Renault Megane is the same platform and size as the current generation Nissan Sentra (thanks to the Nissan-Renault Partnership) and I know some BBWs with that car who have no problem.
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    Playtex Bras??

    I do physical inventory (guess which one ha) and when I ever do the display of Playtex bras, I get the impression that that brand is the least purchased brand of bras....
  9. AgentSkelly

    Weight loss on Oprah!

    Unfortunately, along with her 160 lbs weight loss, she also lost 1/3 of her brain... (what I always said about Star Jones)
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    The Birth of DIMz '87!

    I'm amused by the fact it came from my old stomping grounds of Albany.
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    Asst. Coroner has tow truck drag SSBBW's body from home-in front of family

    I think those people just don't understand there is more than one way a person can get that large.
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    Asst. Coroner has tow truck drag SSBBW's body from home-in front of family

    I also got shown this article yesterday by a friend which I got into a debate with actually. It sounds like the coroner was in a hurry to get the body out of there and didn't want to deal with calling in a non-emergency ambulance or get the fire department involved. Around here, I know the...
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    Scuba diving and fat people

    I remember in Hawaii seeing lots of BBWs and SSBBWs also do snorkeling.
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    My Mom checked out Dims

    Sasha, it can't be as bad as when my mother found out about about dims: "How did end up raising you to be into that sort of thing?
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    Much overdo update!

    Hot damm! I hope you got bigger pants for your belly to grow :)