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    Looking for a Story (tried search function)

    Nvm I found it:
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    Looking for a Story (tried search function)

    I'm not positive that the story is on Dimensions, but the main character is a guy who runs a diner type of place and these two parents and their HUGE 18 y/oish daughter come in and she eats a ton, and is very spoiled and also kind of rude. There's a part where the main character is describing...
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    Sleeping Postion

    The episode's ridiculous. If a 300 lb woman killed you by lying on you, you were a pansy anyway! :rolleyes:
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    Bed Benders Inc.

    I am also interested in joining.
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    Dormfood - by Anonymous (SSBBW, SSBHM, Extreme Eating, ~XWG)

    The vast majority of women would still be mobile at 545 lbs and 5'6". Just some information.
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    Found something disturbing

    Ah, I didn't join the forum until quite a while after I had started browsing regularly. So do you remember the author or name?
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    Found something disturbing

    Do you remember the title and/or author of said story? I was so sure I had at least skimmed every story in the library, yet am sure I would have remembered this one.:confused:
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    Found something disturbing

    I'm pretty sure that it is a decision entirely based on ethics. I would be very surprised if any story were illegal to host, even if it went as far as to include rape and murder of young children.
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    Found something disturbing

    What was so bad about "Baby Fat"?
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    Official symbol for being an FA/FFA/Size Accepter???

    I'm not sure if a Cornucopia would give us the best image, though the idea is creative. I think we should actually do it this time, though.
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    Do Only Fat Girls Break Chairs???

    My 450 lb gf has never broken a chair either.
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    4th of July - by Runningman (SSBBW, Extreme Eating, Squashing)

    Well it does involve Independence Day.
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    Looking for a story

    You could manually save chapters... :( Too bad we can't contact the author(s).
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    Looking for a story

    Darn. Thanks! I hope someone saved it before it was deleted... :(
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    Alice 22 - by Mollycoddles (BBWs (Multiple),Intrigue, Lesbian Fantasy, SWG)

    Oh, I didn't realize this one was new, because his (?) website doesn't have it. I guess I'm really wondering if she's done with Amber.