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    new (to me) pear-shaped Brazilian goddess My first major comp, the product of a rare afternoon off and an FA jones that won’t quit. You’re welcome, but the pleasure was all mine. I found the goddess-like Renata Celidonio through this other dailymotion video...
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    been a while

    I'm thinking the Weight Board is the place.
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    BBWs in comics
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    Teighlor SSBBW - Mr Muscle spoof?

    Not the oil slick makers, rather the mighty Bountiful Productions. Haven't bought anything from them in a while except online vid clips, but they used to carry all kinds of vintage fat porn. Keep in mind the stuff you're looking at may only be VHS, since I remember that Teighlor video from the...
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    been a while

    So where does one post non-pornographic, albeit socially non-redeeming, possibly non-PC FA gentlemen's fodder? I'm talking links to info, pics, and video clips of interest, etc. Seems like it would be here, but this place has more rooms than the Winchester Mansion these days and I'm confused.
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    Guys Who Like Fat Chicks: Village Voice Article

    This may be the first article on FAs I've ever read that isn't Journalism's Exploitive Cabinet of Curious Freaks. And a rare terrific article from a magazine that, like Ned says, used to be required reading for New Yorkers, current, ex-, and aspiring. At least now it's free, and usually worth...
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    Facebook ditches Nazi

    He says Israel doesn't exist and then spells it "IsREAL." Damn those Nazis and their mixed messages.
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    Kevin Smith Ejected From Southwest Airlines

    I'm amazed at what the airlines get away with. They use "safety" as the excuse to mistreat their passengers, yet if anyone watched the PBS Frontline doc last week, they have no problem seriously compromising their customers' safety for a few shekels...
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    VIDEO Sumptuous,Curvalicious ,Decadence...

    Bissous back atcha. Link please!
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    VIDEO Sumptuous,Curvalicious ,Decadence...

    Great job! Subtitles would help, but I didn't miss them. (Which probably says more about me than the vid.) YouTube has issues. Another BBW took them to task a while back about the fact that thinner models in the same state of (un)dress were allowed to post vids while hers were constantly...
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    BBW and weight gain in the movies

    When you were young? I - who was raised by wolves - don't think that movie is suitable for young people! Thank god you only had the poster. It's a heavy.
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    Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent.

    And here I almost corrected my mom that she was from Yorkshire. I'm losing my touch with Brit accents.
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    Older Big Women

    That's exactly the journey my fantasies have taken. I think it does have to do with getting older, in that when I was 18, 40 seemed like the far end of cougardom. Now at 37 the archetypal "older woman" really is... old. As for size, let's face it: there are more ssbbws around us in general, and...
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    Your worst moments with the opposite sex

    Yeah, I started two posts and killed them. I might have finally hit my TMI limit on this board, though nice to know I have one.
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    Some advice please?

    My mom got out of control a while ago. She was feeling insecure because she'd moved far away from me, we saw each other less, and perhaps felt she was "losing" me. Maybe a similar thing is going on with you in college? I was sympathetic to a point, but it got to where she was questioning and...