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    Being the FFA/FA friend

    I remember “coming out” as an FA, God that was a fun night. I was in the “super cool group” in junior high and I was talking to the “alpha” girl one night at a party about kinks and stuff and my best friend (who knew) was really pushing me to tell her. I remember being hesitant about it and she...
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    A Question for all of the female members...

    Always and forever. I’ve realized how much I’m used to fat guys couple of days ago when me and bf casually put some random porn with cute girl and SLIM guy and I was literally blown away. Like seriously, is that how it looks? I’ve never even watched a skinny dude porn in my life not to mention...
  3. Anjula

    What does DIMs and the BHM/FFA Board Mean to you?

    FetLife tho 😍😍😍
  4. Anjula

    What does DIMs and the BHM/FFA Board Mean to you?

    Holy shit it’s been 10 years! Still the best online thing that has happened to me and it’s amazing I’m still deeply in love with some of you (Darien I’m talking about you my love) and Laura is one of my best friends ever. This place is a fucking blessing my dudes.
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    BHM The Improved You

    Ouch, I’m slightly worried about that. Good luck to Mandy, she’s gonna need that!
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    What are you happy about today?

    Omg that’s huge! Congratulations!
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    BHM but not a FA, how to change?

  8. Anjula

    BHM but not a FA, how to change?

    my dude, don't go pity party on me, I've had enough of that in my life. I never said you're a garbage, a loser or unlovable. That being said I stand behind my words, I think your logic is flawed and you should see a therapist and maybe LISTEN to him/her. Internet people won't help you. Kinky...
  9. Anjula

    BHM but not a FA, how to change?

    hhahahahahaha I was going for sarcastic / keepin it real kinda vibes but hot works too ;)
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    You know you are an FFa when.......?

    when "fat" thor is not even chubby in your eyes
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    BHM but not a FA, how to change?

    Fuck me huh? Well, considering how good in bed I am and how weird your mentality is, that could potentially help you with a lot of your problems ;) I’m not into mercy fucks tho. Jokes aside. Dude... Dims is a wonderful place, we are anything but fat phobic here, no one is blaming your extra...
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    I'm mostly going for cute these days ;)
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    Ok so I've been on dims for almost 9 years and in my time here I've met a lot of great people. A few of them became my close friends and last month, for my 25th birthday, Laura has come to see me ( in Poland, DUH!) She is a fellow FFA, an autor of "The Gardener" story, and my sista from another...
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    BHM but not a FA, how to change?

    I know this is gonna sound bitch as fuck but that was the dumbest post I’ve ever read. Literally wtf dude. _____ Firstly, one does not simply become an fa. You’re either attracted to fat or not. For me, and for a lot of people who, excuse me for bluntness, truly get off to fat, it’s like...