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    unpopular opinions thread

    I should stress that by 'not liking children' I don't mean I don't respect them as people or don't try my best when I have to interact with them. Like I say, I remember what it was like to be a child and sympathise with them. I just don't know how to engage with them and the ones belonging to...
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    unpopular opinions thread

    What's HR and the message? I don't like children, never had any and don't enjoy being around them, don't find their conversation or behaviour appealing or interesting, and don't like things like having to remember not to swear or 'encourage them' or talk about inappropriate things near them. I...
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    unpopular opinions thread

    Have you been checked for PCOS? Some people are hairy and young people do have acne, but it seems a bit unusual you would have this amount of hair at the age you are and might be worth ruling out. :-)
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    unpopular opinions thread

    I hate Winnie the Pooh. I think the books and associated merchandise are just mawkish, sugar-soaked, twee mush from the perspective of someone who romanticises childhood but likely doesn't remember it or really understand children. I always disliked it even as a child, but hated it even more...
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    You know you are an FFa when.......?

    When your idea of paradise is eating fish and chips with a cute chubby American guy... and perhaps travelling to try all the food there is in other countries and watch him eat that as well. American tourist, 26, tries English food for the first time
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    share ur fantasies

    My favourite weird kinky fantasy for a while: pegging with a fat guy and general butt curiosity. I've been fascinated by the idea of making someone have a prostate orgasm since I read men could have them several years ago, and big fat butts have been a perennial obsession all my life. My partner...
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    Have your preferences changed over time

    I'm kind of in the wrong place since this is the board for fat women and their admirers and I'm attracted to fat men, but I found people's experiences interesting to read and especially how there seems to be some commonality about how people's interest got more and more extreme or changed...
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    Confused BBW

    You know, I've often wondered why I am not bisexual. If I meet someone I really like mind body and soul, it really doesn't matter to me what kind of private parts the person has. I like how fat feels and looks so much, it seems like it shouldn't matter, and if I liked women as well it would...
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    Those annoying, possibly acrimonious, acronyms...

    I think we live in a time where acronyms are probably overused generally. In the past we had terms like paperback, hardback, cassette, record, video, internet. As technology developed, acronyms started to predominate, and we now have VCR, CD, DVD, PDA, USB, SD card and so on. I think it is...
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    Feelings on Guy Tits?

    I love boobs/moobs/man boobs/fatty pectorals on fat guys. I love other subcutaneous bits like love handles and buttocks and back fat that wobble and provide a nice soft handful, but moobs have that bit more with them being in the perfect area to snuggle against and use as a pillow, and the other...
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    Size acceptance... really?

    While I'm absolutely not claiming that the abject discrimination fat people face in any way compares to the problems fat-attracted people have, it is definitely more complicated than just prejudice against one's sexual preference. While it doesn't affect you in things like applying for a job and...
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    Size acceptance... really?

    That's really horrible that another man presumably said that to you. People used to bully with comments that were just gut-level vile like this, and they bullied pretty much everyone who was in any way different. While my sister was bullied for being fat, I was bullied for being thin, with...
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    How do you like a man's belly?

    If the whole film was just this, I would still have gone to see it lol. :-D
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    Size acceptance... really?

    I think acceptance of both fat bodies and people who are attracted to those with fat bodies has sadly become worse in my lifetime. :-( Or, at any rate, the way they are ostracised has changed. My sister is fat. She is an attractive fat woman with a big bosom and wide hips and thick dark hair...
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    Size acceptance... really?

    Can I say, I'm actually very much enjoying the discussion in these threads (this one and the others about fetishes that I participated in, and again apologies to anyone who saw them and felt the place they were in wasn't appropriate). :-) I was first online looking for answers about my...