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    Name a song from the last letter, part IV

    Show Me The Way - Styx Y ~A
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    A question pertaining to couples

    I'm not sure if this has been asked before, and if it has, I do apologize, but I've been curious since this has been brought to my attention by a friend before and I would like to hear everyone's opinion on the matter. My question is that if one partner in a relationship was reluctant to...
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    Reintroducing myself once again. ^^;

    Thank you to everyone that's replied so far. ^^ I really want to feel welcome here, and so far, you've all been very kind. =3 I hope to hear from more of you and, once I'm finally moved to my new place, meet all of you in the chatroom. :happy: Take care and be well! -Hugs for all- ~A
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    Reintroducing myself once again. ^^;

    Hello. I've been a member of the forum since 2006, but haven't really been social since then. I'd like to change that, starting now. =) I'm Ataru, a 24 year old FA, artist, and frequent fantasizer of myself being and getting bigger. ^^; I like chatting, rp-ing, and making new friends. So...
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    Feederism mentioned in Jackass #2

    I know the reception for my last topic wasn't very well recieved ('scept for one person, you know who you are. Thanks. :happy: ), but I figured this was worth mentioning. In the commentary for Jackass #2, during the 'magic trick' where Wee Man is smothered by a very large SSBBW, Knoxville...
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    Need something to do.....

    Being an artist, it's pretty normal for me to hit an artistic slump. So, I'm offering my artistic abilities on here. Would anyone like to be drawn in my style of artwork? My site is if anyone wants to see what my artwork looks like. Just a heads up, I'm...
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    Jokes, anyone?

    Alright, whenever we're sitting around at break, we swap jokes at work. I've been running out of material and was wondering if anyone else had some good ones (Clean or dirty, doesn't matter anyway. I work at a factory. =P ) to share. I'll start: A magician gets a job on a cruise ship. In the...
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    What two words best describe your personality?

    Totally lame. ~A (Not the actual game, these are the two words I describe myself with.)
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    The obscure movie quotes game.

    Bullitt. ~A
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    I have a question.....

    I tried those ideas and still got this message: "In order to accept POST request originating from this domain, the admin must add this domain to the whitelist. Fatal error: Undefined class name 'vbulletinhook' in /home/httpd/ on line 4322"...
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    I have a question.....

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but I'm having problems putting an avatar in my profile. Every time I try to, I get this weird error message. Help! :( ~A
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    BBW comic/sketches.

    Nice work, very cute! ^^ Btw, anyone else think it'd be a neat idea for D-Mag (short for Dimensions Mag) to have it's own comics section? Just throwing an idea out there. Feel free to ignore me. :bow: ~A
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    The obscure movie quotes game.

    The first one is from the original Evil Dead. The other three you got. Nice work! ^^ ~A
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    The obscure movie quotes game.

    Bingo! ^^ ~A
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    The obscure movie quotes game.

    I've got some! "No hair.....Mmmmmm.....big." "Twin ceramic motor drives on each wheel.....And these controlled anti-lock brakes." "It was the woods themselves!" "That's why I don't do nanodoors." "We're getting the shit beat out of us. 'That's because you fight...