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  1. A

    BHM Reticules and Retinues by Xyantha Reborn (~BBW ~WG, Historical Romance)

    Loved this latest chapter! I actually read this--to quote above comments--"delicious" chapter twice :blush:
  2. A

    BHM Cravats and Coat Tails - by Xyantha (~BHM, ~~WG, Romance)

    That is terrible; so sorry for your loss and their family's....Please take the time you need. We will be here waiting when you are ready :really sad:
  3. A

    BOTH "525" - by agouderia (SSBHM, ~XWG, ~BBW, Dining)

    :wubu: oh, oh, oh!!!!:wubu: Been waiting for this chapter and it was even better than I expected! Thank you so much :)
  4. A

    BHM Cravats and Coat Tails - by Xyantha (~BHM, ~~WG, Romance)

    Wow!! I just read your latest installment and then found another; so quick! I completely enjoy this story and will never get tired of reading it as long as you post more :) Period pieces are my favorite and this one is very intriguing at every turn. Poor Raoul is just so tortured, I want to see...
  5. A

    BOTH "525" - by agouderia (SSBHM, ~XWG, ~BBW, Dining)

    Are you kidding?!!! He has come a long way and you have answered some very important questions! I think we are all interested in seeing where he heads in life now that he is in control again. Continue on with your incredible story :bow:
  6. A

    BOTH New Size for the Season - by Nemovolo (~BHM (multiple), FFA, ~BBW, Romance, ~MWG)

    Oh! I was so happy to see more to this story! I can't wait for more :happy:
  7. A

    BHM Cravats and Coat Tails - by Xyantha (~BHM, ~~WG, Romance)

    I will throw in my vote, too! I love period pieces and keep checking to see if there is more! :)
  8. A

    BHM Cravats and Coat Tails - by Xyantha (~BHM, ~~WG, Romance)

    Oh! Another delicious installment! Well, worth the wait ;)
  9. A

    BHM Like It Like That - by Undine (~BHM, ~FFA, ~~WG, Romance)

    Love it, love it, love it!!! Such a fantastic story; I really like Robby and all his wonderful comebacks!!! :smitten:
  10. A

    BHM Available in all Sizes - by agouderia (~FFA, ~BHM, Drama)

    Thank you so much for continuing ;) I did realize two things though: 1) you were right, sometimes two people just don't end up together in real life. Why wouldn't a story maybe end that way, too? 2) As I was reading the very beginning, I came to a startling realization. I didn't necessarily want...
  11. A

    BHM The Dancer and The Detective - by Rellis10 (~BHM, ~FFA)

    Incredible! This is so fresh and new; very descriptive and intriguing :) I would love more but if you choose to stop, that is fine, too. I will still come back to read over and over.........
  12. A

    BHM Available in all Sizes - by agouderia (~FFA, ~BHM, Drama)

    Somehow I have my doubts on that :) This part had me trying to read through my tears, too :( Poor, Antonia......... After reading this latest installment, I believe it is tough on both sides; Antonia trying so hard to understand and being supportive but not really, truly knowing what...
  13. A

    BHM Available in all Sizes - by agouderia (~FFA, ~BHM, Drama)

    Oh, agouderia! This was so well worth the wait! We got a little bit of tease, an easing of the tension and something intriguing to look forward to :eat1: I so love your writing :wubu:
  14. A

    BHM Available in all Sizes - by agouderia (~FFA, ~BHM, Drama)

    :eat1: Okay, how is that for a convincing image of patience; better? :D (It would actually look more like the food was being thrown up in the air, but hey!) We humbly await your next wonderful installment and look forward to more. I love each interaction between these incredible characters! I...
  15. A

    BHM Available in all Sizes - by agouderia (~FFA, ~BHM, Drama)

    I couldn't have said it better myself! I waited so patiently the last time :bounce: Really, I did! I know you are busy but HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)