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    Two Interesting Trailers

    How about a movie with a subplot featuring a BBW who films herself cooking and eating decadent desserts for her own paysite? I haven't seen "City Island" yet (it's still in limited release), but I'm already impressed by the fact that the director didn't follow the usual strategy of casting some...
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    Looking for an old comic, can anyone help?

    You must be talking about Randy Pear: Teen Gainer, by Fatfanplus. He's been known to frequent these forums from time to time - http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/forums/member.php?u=25609 He might still have a few printed copies available ... assuming that you're of legal age, and that...
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    Why? You've got the internet.
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    "Biggest Loser" Under Investigation

    Discovery is a freak show, and just about as factual as a spiel from P.T. Barnum. I love the History channels, but every other program seems to be about UFOs, vampires, or the DaVinci Code. Even those that stick to history tend to dumb down the facts and smooth over a lot of uncertainties...
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    crazy fat related sayings you'd like to have on a t-shirt--if you had the gutz

    I've actually given this some thought. What I'd like on a T-shirt is a nice, highly artistic rendering of a very large lady. Something on the order of one of the drawings by our friend PeterB - http://www.rundekunst.de/ No slogan at all - just a subtle way of letting any interested...
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    The First FA in Modern Fiction?

    The history behind that last print ("Dido in Despair!") is worth mentioning. It's a caricature of Lady Emma Hamilton, Lord Nelson's famous lover, and it's probably a lot more realistic than her official portrait. Contemporary letters and diaries describe the celebrated beauty as "colossal,"...
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    Cyrelle; princesses and fairies and such~

    It's nice to see that you've shed your cloak of invisibility, Cyrelle. Your sweetly decorative BBWs ought to appeal to quite a lot of folks around here. I'm afraid that this little corner of Dimensions doesn't see much traffic, though - just a few dedicated connoisseurs. On the other...
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    Our Community Loss - Cindy G.

    Reading these many tributes, it become obvious that we've not only lost a friend and colleague, we've lost an irreplaceable cultural treasure, akin to those two great Buddhas turned to rubble by the Taliban. The 'net will never be the same without CindyG. Surely no other individual did as much...
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    Looking for another piece of art.

    I remember the illustration. I first saw it on one of those sites where nurses talk about the stuff they've found in their patients' fat folds. (All I've ever found in a woman's fat folds is a little slice of heaven, but nevermind.) AltaFat is long gone, but crap like that lingers on forever...
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    ice cream/ice cream novelties thread

    The Turkey Hill Website has a page you can use to find the nearest store that carries their brand - http://www.turkeyhill.com/products/product-locator.asp They'll even FedEx their ice cream to you, if you're desperate for a fix - http://www.turkeyhill.com/products/order-product.asp...
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    "Chubby Mikey" 2009 Calendar

    Further Googling turned up a YouTube video (in German) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWauP8ePATo It might be a clip from MTV's "True Life: Happy to be Fat." I didn't see the show, but it looks like he was featured in it -...
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    "Chubby Mikey" 2009 Calendar

    Apologies in advance if this is old news around here, but when I stumbled across the story of a 530-pound financial consultant with his own nude pin-up calendar, I just had to come over to this forum and share. Better order soon - last year's edition sold out fast...
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    The Fa Trap?

    Are you saying that the only reason for these common practices is pure Evil? I'll agree that it's the result, but I don't think it's the motivation. I'm a little surprised that you didn't notice that I called those standards warped. If there's a unifying message to this thread, it's that...
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    The Fa Trap?

    I thought this was common knowledge: "Though she was landing enough roles to qualify as a working actress – including episodes of Quantum Leap (NBC, 1988-1993), Herman’s Head (Fox, 1991-94) and Burke’s Law (CBS, 1993-95) – by the time she appeared in the widely-rejected film Leprechaun...
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    The Fa Trap?

    I don't much like the term Fat Admirer. "Admire" is such a spineless, wishy-washy, gray flannel sort of word. It conveys nothing at all of the passion I feel. Still, I remember a time in my life when that passion didn't have a name - before NAAFA, before Dimensions, long before the 'Net, when...