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    Just looking at email

    According to a Google search, the precautions I'm currently taking should be sufficient, BUT the data is VERY limited.
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    Just looking at email

    Joyce got back to me. 1. She's VERY happy for me about the pregnancy 2. Is VERY understanding about me not wanting to work onsite. Roger unfortunately doesn't have the option to work remotely. Any advice to mitigate my risk?
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    Just looking at email

    I sent my supervisor an email. In it I announced my pregnancy (revealed EDD), and let her know that I don't feel comfortable working onsite under the current circumstances.
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    What are you happy about today?

    @Joker that person AND the people who love him (and they DO exist!) are INCREDIBLY lucky you were there!
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    Just looking at email

    Dunno, maybe. I'm more worried about potential pregnancy complications.
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    Just looking at email

    UVM is aiming to do instruction f2f this fall. They're spending August getting the campus ready to have students/faculty/staff tested and instruction on how to be safe. It seems non-essential staff will have option to work remotely. Any advice on what I should do? (As a reminder I do...
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    Got a CVS delivery the other day

    Went to Dr. Donovan today. We heard the heartbeat! :D. She offered to tell us the gender, decided we want to be surprised. She told me I'm a perfect 15-weeks pregnant woman.
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    What is your weight right now?

    I'm 260 (13 weeks pregnant)
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    Do you speak any foreign languages

    @BigElectricKat no, no it doesn't.
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    Do you speak any foreign languages

    @Alta California how do you feel about Bavarian Motor Works? ;)
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    Where did my fellow American members go to college/grad school? What about your SO?

    Yeah, it's not something you'd go around a circle and randomly talk about. But it definitely comes up organically.
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    Fat Friendly Doctors

    We've been INCREDIBLY lucky with our Family Doctor. She's kind and non-judgemental.
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    Your SO's initial reaction to your body

    Larry: that's "off topic" only in that you didn't get to see her naked. :)
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    Happy Father's Day

    Hopefully everyone is keeping safe and enjoying your Father's Day. Roger will have an "outside" baby by this time next year.
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    What are you happy about today?

    @Rojodi i assume you understand what I'm saying? :)