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    "Sexy Curves Matters" - Best Curves in Bikini

    All I can say is...bbbbbbooooiiiinnnngggg!!!!!:smitten:
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    Add a word, ruin a movie.

    After Birth of a Nation Lactose Intolerance It's a Wonderful half-life The magnificent seven inches On golden showers pond The African Drag Queen
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    World's heaviest woman fights for life

    The best thing we can do is pray she is restored to health.
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    Dims family

    Say whatever you like so long as you keep displaying that cleavage, GEF!:smitten:
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Those children wouldn't be the Chicago Cubs by any chance?
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    Ruby Ripples has passed away.

    Eternal rest grant unto her and light perpetual shine upon her and may the love of God bring comfort to her family and those who loved her.
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    Alone Time Fantasies

    Since I have a thing for larger, older women, I've been fantasizing about meeting that hot babysitter or teacher lo these many years later when the age gap doesn't seem so great and meeting them when they are softer, more experienced and available....
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Very nice, Lady!:)
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    Happy Birthday Greenie (Green Eyed Fairy)!!! :)

    Missed this but happy belated to some someone who can always be counted on for a pleasant and funny comment and can write some steaming hot stories...:)
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    Borrowing a Cup of Sugar

    My kind of story! Keep up the good work! It's uh, keeping me up....
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    Even Dimensions wasn't around this long ago ....

    What I like is that she appears to be stimulating herself in a way I find enjoyable. My kind of woman!
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Simply gorgeous, you have a beautiful smile, lovely eyes and some other good things that come in pairs!
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    Or is that peek-a-boob???

    Or is that peek-a-boob???
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    love how that nipple is playing peek-a-boo in your profile pic...

    love how that nipple is playing peek-a-boo in your profile pic...
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    BBW Sisters

    The crotch-o-meter rated it an outstanding story...