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    BHMs! Get creative!

    I posted this a couple of years ago, thought i'd repost it here.. Anyone care for a snack? :D (I don't post my face as a rule so I got creative in hiding that too lol)
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    Always glad to do requests.. :)
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    BHM's Post Your Sideview Photos!

    my contribution..
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    Just sticking my head in..

    I've been away from the site awhile & just seeing what's new.. Here's a new photo, enjoy.. :)
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    Equal time here people! How about some CHEST SHOTS?

    I havent made an apperance in a while so here's some chest pics.. :)
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    New photos taken today

    Do you prefer the standard black box then? lol
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    New photos taken today

    Thank you sweetie.. :)
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    New photos taken today

    Glad to hear it.. :)
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    New photos taken today

    Thank you, it feels good to be called sexy by a lovely lady like yourself. :)
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    New photos taken today

    A couple more.. :)
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    New photos taken today

    Enjoy ladies.. :)
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    A little risque..

    No problem, now you understand. :)
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    A little risque..

    I'm sorry, but I just can't post my face. I made my reason quite clear here.
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    A little risque..

    Thanks Kyla, glad you like.. Haven't we met before someplace else? ;)
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    new pic

    I'm sorry I have to do that, but to be honest I also post photos on shall we say more "adult" websites. I have to hide my face here as well as there to protect my privacy. I hope that explains it. :)