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    BBWs: Would being able to be picked up by your SO be a turn on for you?

    YES, YES, AND YES! I'd love to be picked up and swept away...*swoon* The other thing I miss dating a man thinner than myself is being able to wear his shirts. I find it incredibly sexy after making love the night before to wake and wear my lover's shirt with nothing on underneath around the...
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    Have you been here long?

    I joined DIMS chat first in December 2003. (The month and year I turned 40; who could forget that? lol) I didn't start posting on the forums until much later, but I don't remember exactly when.
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    Bisexuality. Your Thoughts?

    I'm in the same opinioin you are about women.
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    Hetrosexuality Questionnaire.

    What a great questionaire. I'd like to send it to all the small minded, hetrosexual bigots and see their reaction!
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    How Many of you out there (Male/Female) use a Scooter because of your Weight?

    I don't use one personally, but my mother does. (She's actually on her second one!) She loves it! It's given her so much more freedom than she had before she bought it. Everyone is correct; different scooters do have different weight limits. As with everything, if you are a smart...
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    "Anything not Music or Movie " Baker's Dozen...

    Next - Name your favorite vacation spot. 1. Cape May, NJ 2. Marble Creek/Montauk State Park, Missouri 3. St Davids 4. Hyannis-central Cape Cod, MA 5. Bermuda 6. Indianapolis. Indiana... it's where my Nerd Convention is. 7. St.Paul de Vence 8. Cancun, Mexico (A hopeful; soon-to-be...
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    a private BBW board: thoughts, please

    I agree 100%.
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    Secret Turn-ons

    A steady gaze from a that gives you goose bumps because of the desire you see in their eyes... A man who enjoys laughing out loud... Well manicured hands and nails...
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    "Movie Watchers" Baker's Dozen

    Movies with Monkeys or Apes in them 1. Tarzan 2. King Kong 3. Planet of the Apes 4. Back To School 5. Bedtime For Bonzo (1951) 6. Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan 7. Any Which Way But Loose 8. Trading Places 9. Aladdin 10. Outbreak 11. Jungle Book 12. Mighty Joe Young 13...
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    "Anything not Music or Movie " Baker's Dozen...

    1. Michaelangelo 2. Vincent Van Gogh 3. Rubens 4. Gainsborough 5.Yves Klein 6. Dali 7. Brom 8. Yoshitaka Amano 9. Edvard Munch 10. Monet 11. Romare Bearden 12. Pieter Brueghel (Elder or Younger) 13. Frieda Kahlo Next topic: Favorite tree 1. Maple
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    Forum Game: Slap it or Save it! Part II

    Saved. SEVEN holes. TNP Has a college education.
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    Free Association III!

    Civil Rights and Dr. Martin Luther King
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    The Question Game - Part IV

    Is justice really blind?
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    Forum Game: Slap it or Save it! Part II

    Slapped. TNP finds Jim Carey highly overrated.
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    Free Association III!

    Cherry Garcia ice cream