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  1. BigCutieSteph

    Free Association - Part 4!!

    ms piggy :)
  2. BigCutieSteph

    "I'm Sick of The Marys" Thread

    Can't believe no one has done it yet... ETA: Missed the other poppins up there. Ah, I fail.
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    UGH Uggs

    My sister-in-law got some Emus for Christmas. The kind with the straps going across. She said they were really comfortable but when she was putting them on one of the straps snapped and now she has to return them. :doh:
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    Letter to the Big Beautiful Women

    Incredibly sweet and thoughtful. Thank you :) ((((big hugs))))
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    Snuffy wuz a BHM and other reasons you loved Sesame Street--and still do.

    Aw, that's too bad :( I made my Mom read it to me literally every night until I could read it myself. Have you read the other one? I can't remember what it's called but it's with Grover and Elmo. Not nearly as good but still cute.
  6. BigCutieSteph

    Snuffy wuz a BHM and other reasons you loved Sesame Street--and still do.

    Well, of course my favorite was always Cookie Monster :wubu: And my favorite children's book of all time...
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    Halloween Costume Pictures!

    Everyone's costumes are soooo cute! Sorry my picture is kinda small and croppy. My hat and broom were too plain for my taste so I decorated them a bit :)
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    We're Getting MARRIED!!!!!

    Congratulations! :D
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    The creepy picture/gif-thread (don't like? don't look)

    AHHHHHASFSCDKFDIEFLDIFDSF! I will be holding you responsible for my nightmares.
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    Sonic in Masschusetts!!!

    Haha! I actually just sent my hubby out for Sonic. Super Sonic Burger with extra pickles Large Chili Cheese Tots And a Cherry Limeade Smoothie :eat2:
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    Happy Birthday, Krismiss

    I'm late, but Happy Birthday! Hope you had lots of cake! :)
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    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 2

    I just saw it today and I was blown away. Seriously, 20/10. Brad Pitt was amazing (and not just because he's fun to look at ;))
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    Grant Roa in spandex!

    SQUEEE! :wubu: That's so incredibly cute.
  14. BigCutieSteph

    World Of Warcraft - Fat Guild - Alliance this time!

    This is pretty hilarious.