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    What Are You EATING right now?

    4 ice cream sandwich, and 24 cinnamon donuts with double cream dip.
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    Thigh Chub-Rub, Male Edition

    At my size my thigh sort of roll over each other they do not slide so no friction, but yes at the lighter me had the issue, and i used sorboline cream, my issue is sweat under the belly, it's hot in Melbourne and I sweat a lot, I use spray on anti fungus , burns a bit, but work to keep rashes...
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    Back and disc issues.

    I have a few disc issues, the one that provided we with right thigh pain and mild loss of skin sensitivity is my l3 l4 bulge, that I got from a fall 14 years ago, as my weight has increased it has been worse on and off, is bad at the moment fir the past 3 weeks, I was wondering if any other 500...
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    BHM sports

    That's a great idea. The plus size games.
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    Huge news

    I also have to confess that I am driven to work, as I not longer fit behind the wheel, we have a full size SUV. I may look at a van, not sure if they have more room, unlike the USA we do not have those huge pick up trucks here in Australia.
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    Huge news

    I have to add that my employer is great as well, they have put in a ramp access to the office and I can park close, as well as a extra strong chair for me, it would not be possible to enjoy my lifestyle if not for they progressive position of people of size, so other than my wife and family's...
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    What is your weight right now?

    I am now 630 lbs
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    Huge news

    It has been years since my last post, I and my wife, both keep my weight which is a part of our private relationship private, but I have reached weight goal that I wished to share with those who followed me before I got married and stop posting account of that, both i and my wife are both...
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    DXL coming to Canada

    You should try getting 10 xl stuff in Australia then you will know expensive, my last jean at 182 cm waist the biggest available in Australia cost me 100 bucks for one pair.
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    Are you still visiting this site?

    Are you still visiting this site?
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    Nice dress red suits you.

    Nice dress red suits you.
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    What is your weight right now?

    I have not posted much in a long time, but I am excited , I hoped on the scales and it said, it is a talking scale, 225 kg, that's almost 500 lbs.
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    Big men's jeans

    I can get 182 cm jeans in Australia, but getting tight so looking for bigger jeans , could by from the USA but exchange rate is poor, any way any ideas.
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    What is your weight right now?

    501.7 lbs been this for 5 years not gaining.
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    It has been 8 year, I came across this, I stopped posting after I started dating and later married, the better half was enough for me, so now you all know, in the first pic I the rear one I was about 28 stone, I am now about 34 stone, and 46 a bit more grey hair these days as well.