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    I Need Some Help

    I would go far enough back to prevent my own birth. I wouldn't kill anyone. I'd just play an active role in preventing my birth parents from ever meeting.
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    Other places for weight gain fiction?

    Archive of our own has a lot. There's a link to mine in my profile. It's kind of oncomplete, but I did post pictures with my stories.
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    Technoligies to help feedees/feeders

    Weed is so effective at stimulating the appetite it's forst medical use was to keep cancer patients hungry.
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    Earliest Experiences

    For me it has just always been like this. I preferred my stuffed animals round when I was a baby. My earliest memories were of being excited by fat cartoons. I hit puberty early, like 8 or 9, and my fascination became physical. I started padding my shirt when I was little, too. I knew every...
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    Very little activity on this forum now

    I've noticed some of the posts here go back to 2003. I remember those days. Makes me feel very old and out of touch. But I do see your point. It just seems hard to find places for such niche chat elsewhere. Dating sites are hardly the place. I dunno...maybe I just dig nostalgia. Getting...
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    Very little activity on this forum now

    What happened to the main site? I just assume it wasn't financially viable anymore.
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    Very little activity on this forum now

    Last time I was here, granted this was multiple years ago, the place was buzzing with life. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with everyone's replies. Nowadays it seems forum involvement has slowed to a crawl. I understand as years pass people change their forums and opinions with them. But in...
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    "What ever happened to..."

    Layla...she deleted her youtube and tumblr abruptly not long ago. Her stuff is still up on her modeling site. Anyone know what the deal is?
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    Reintroducing Myself

    Hello. I had a profile many years ago but I wasn't entirely comfortable with everything. I was also still a teenager at the time and sometimes I would disappear entirely. I don't even remember what the screenname was. Later in my teens, around 17 or 18, I created this profile. I was active for...
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    Paco I love you.

    *takes pictures*
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    REAL eating disorder…

    I think my reaction would be the same as someone on that side looking over here. Just because someone wants to be insanely thin doesn't automatically mean they have an eating disorder. It isn't any more safe or healthy then getting massivaly fat, and wanting to get fat doesn't equal having an...
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    FFA Prowling Around...

    Bumpity bump bump Yay me :P
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    Real Gainers vs. Deceptive Fantasizers

    I've learned a lot since being a member here. A lot of that knowlege is in the form of distinguishing the real gainer/feedees I'm looking for from the guys who just have the fantasy. I have no problem with either, but I'm really getting tired of guys telling me they are the feedee of my dreams...
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    FFA Prowling Around...

    I converted from regular smartass to distant lurker. Actually, I've noticed a few things about this board that rub me the wrong way. I guess any web board is like that. but there are different issues with this one. As fir STO, my character names are Azaeroth and Mor'ec Sul. Az is a badass...
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    What are you unhappy about today?

    Yesterday my kitty gave birth to the most beautiful kitties ever. That made me happy.