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  1. Bluestreak

    Food Baby (~BBW, ~SWG, ~Preg)

    Fun story that begs for a sequel!
  2. Bluestreak

    Sexy Comfortable (~SWG, ~Eating, ~Romance, ~Illustrated)

    That was fun, Lardmeister. My thaks to you and your co-conspirator!:eat1:
  3. Bluestreak

    The latest adventures of Louise Or, you have to watch medical facilities or they will

    Russell, I am very sorry Louise was hurt getting what should have been a routine xray taken:eek: and I hope everything works out. I have worked in the medical device industry for many years and this injury is considered an "adverse event" by the FDA and should be reported via the MEDWATCH...
  4. Bluestreak

    Divinity Cake - by LinathSuru (~BBW, ~FA, Erotica, Eating, Feeding ~XWG)

    Sensual...loving.....personal....This is a delightful story to read!
  5. Bluestreak

    Snack Disposal (~SSBBW, ElfWG)

    Creative and very fun-Thanks!
  6. Bluestreak

    Divinity Cake - by LinathSuru (~BBW, ~FA, Erotica, Eating, Feeding ~XWG)

    Such a tasty little snack! :eat2: (and with a hint of darkness as well!) Thanks!
  7. Bluestreak

    Company Retreat - by Uncle Jack (~BBW, Stuffing, Denial, ~XWG)

    A bit crude at times, but I'm sure you know that...The story and the descriptions go hand in hand. I look forward to seeing "the future, and what new fortune it might bring"
  8. Bluestreak

    Coming Home Again - by Dan422 (SSBBW, Eating, Imagery, ~MWG)

    I second this wholeheartedly! Thanks! :bow:
  9. Bluestreak

    Divinity Cake - by LinathSuru (~BBW, ~FA, Erotica, Eating, Feeding ~XWG)

    THIS is a fantastic story! Sexy, intelligent, indulgent..did I say sexy? A proper bodice-ripper of the first order! I sit on the edge of my chair, waiting for more! Thank You!
  10. Bluestreak

    The Best Thanksgiving Ever - by FANed_Fox - (BBW (mult),Eating Fantasy,Romance, ~SWG)

    Thanks, Lou! Makes sense and now I know the method to the madness!
  11. Bluestreak

    Miss Piggy as a BBW role model??

    We saw the new movie on Friday as well. Besides a fantastic evening (a fine summer day in NorCal) the movie is very, very fun and totally cute! Is Ms. Piggy "smaller"? I wondered about that. I thought her face looked more contoured and less "blockish", if that's possible and nicer looking. We...
  12. Bluestreak

    BHM The New Neighbor - by Larger Than Life (~BHM, ~XWG, Flaturance, Immobility) tell me! (actually, I see it as a long outline of a story to be polished up and then completed)
  13. Bluestreak

    BOTH Web Date, Web Gain - by fanedfox (BBW/BHM, Feeding, ~MWG)

    Again, a very cute little story! Thanks!
  14. Bluestreak

    BOTH Woodmore Weight Gain - by Fanedfox - (BHM/BBW, Eating Fantasy, Romance, ~MWG)

    This was a nice little read, thanks so much. I hope there is another installment in the future....both main characters ensconced in their own mobility carts, managing their bellies and the facility!
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