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    BHM fashion question

    5’9”, 370# or so here. Question for other pretty big guys out there - belt over or under belly? Most big guys I see wear the belt low and let the belly hang over, but when I try it that way my belt buckle digs in uncomfortably. On the other hand, I am not sure if I like how it looks the other...
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    Feeling The Weight of your Belly

    I usually don’t notice the weight of it, but whenever I am swimming and I get out of the water, the sudden lack of buoyancy makes the weight of it very noticeable.
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    Terms for not fat people

    Yes, BMI has many flaws, including among them the fact that it rates athletic muscular people such as yourself as overweight. However, for every muscled non-fat person with an 'overweight' BMI that I have known, I could name 10 so-called skinny-fats, who despite having a 'normal' BMI have no...
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    Terms for not fat people

    That term is biased, as it presumes that fat people are disproportional, i.e. too much weight for their height. According to the WHO, in 2010 the average BMI in USA was 28.8. Soon it will probably be over 30. At least in the US, average sized is fat. Seems to validate my point that while...
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    Terms for not fat people

    I guess some context would help for where I was coming from with the question. I had just read an article about the recent study that showed that the fatter a person is, the lower their risk for dementia. Both the news article and the abstract of the actual study itself used the terms...
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    Terms for not fat people

    Some time ago, there was a thread about the best nonjudgmental connotation-free term to use to refer to fat people. But I am curious if anybody has any good suggestions for how to refer to people who are not fat. In the media, such people are generally referred to as "normal sized" or "healthy...
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    Upper limits?

    to all the intentional gainers out there, how do you decide what your upper limit is? Over the course of my adult life so far, I have literally doubled my weight (160 when I graduated high school, knocking on the door of 330 currently). But it has always been the act of gaining itself that I...
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    when is she a ssbbw?

    A fun personal definition that I have is you are an ss[bbw/bhm] if you are fat enough that you could hypothetically lose half your weight and still be considered fat. It's still a subjective definition, as it depends on at what point you would consider yourself fat. But it provides a line in...
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    Describing "Fat" in a way that is decent and preserves the dignity of others

    I prefer to use the term 'plus size'. It is a common term that everyone understands, but isn't actually a euphemism like some other terms in common use like 'curvy'. It simply states that they are of a size that is greater than some other size, yet using the word 'plus' implies that the size in...
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    Summary of some recent studies in obesity

    Articles like both of these tend to seem conflicted, because they generally dumb down, gloss over, and often completely misinterpret the science behind the studies either out of ignorance, or to push an agenda. And it gives science a bad name, because it makes the scientists look like idiots...
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    The perfect girl/guy (Physically)

    The perfect girl - Chubby all over, in an hourglass figure. Wide curving hips and ass. Round belly that sticks out but doesn't hang down, curving down from generous love handles. Love handles not wider than hips (muffin tops just look weird to me), with a well defined waist. Good sized...
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    Embers in the Frost - by Ghostly Spectre (~BBW, Romance, ~SWG)

    This wasn't a professional work? It's no less than the greatest story I have ever read here! I loved the imagery - especially the dream sequence. This was actually literature, unlike the overly pedantic stories that give the girl's vital statistics in the first paragraph like so often appear here.
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    Do you have any FA's friends in real life?

    Actually, the guy I hang out with the most (best friends sounds so school-age, which we were when we were school-age) not only is an FA, but he shares nearly the exact same preference as me. Good for the nods of agreement, but a bit of a pain for the competition.
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    Story genre request

    I am looking for stories that are believable and a good read. Specifically I am looking for moderate WG, but not XWG. And I especially don't want an overly pedantic story. If the girl's weight or physical description is given in the first paragraph, I rarely make it to the second. A perfect...
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    Fat girl jumping video teehee

    Perhaps as a consolation, if she feels up to it CurvyEm could produce other videos graced with her beauty for private screenings here at Dimensions? Just a suggestion.