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    The Harvest -A small town mystery (BBW WG)

    I'm curious what the dreamscape would be like at this point.. still ominous, or would she be growing (no pun intended) accustomed to the nightmares
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    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    Here's another hoping for a 'bigger' ending.. not a fan of amazon mode imo, but <3ing the story so far.
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    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    You could always scrap the amazonian part and go for good old fashioned revenge on it's own :)
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    Change a Letter - 5 Letters: Part 4!

    blasé - blaze
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    "The Walking Dead"...(to my fellow zombie lovers)

    I was shocked too only cause Sophia is STILL alive in the comic and it's several arcs ahead.. looks like they may really change things around with the show. As for Shane, fault him for being a bastard if you want, but in that new world he's a survivor.
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    "The Walking Dead"...(to my fellow zombie lovers)

    Ditto, he's my fave character.. SPOILER ALERT (highlight to read): When I saw him get shot, and I thought he was dead, I was sitting there going NOOOOO
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    "The Walking Dead"...(to my fellow zombie lovers)

    If you read the comics, you knew the pregnancy was coming. Wonder if Lori and Judith Grimes fate will change? As for this season, I feel it's been moving a little too slow, but it looks like it's finally picking up a bit. I for one LOVE Shane's character. Yes, he's a bastard; but in that...
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    Christina Ricci
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    Mr. Baseball
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    What book are you reading right now?

    One of my favourite books... Watership Down by Richard Adams :)
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    Help finding a story (reality altering)

    It involved a large girlfriend whose boyfriend can alter reality and uses it to punish those that made fun of her. The boyfriend had a european name if I remember correctly, but I'll be damned if I can find the story...
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    One Size Too Small Story

    it's still up on Kastamel's WG Stories Yahoo group :) go to the message portion of the group and search "Size too small"... hope that helps :)
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    Anyone Fattened Up a GF or Wifey?

    Well, I've likely played a large large role (no pun intended) in my wife's gain... She came from a family where there was very very little junk food (father/sister diabetic), and I ate a ton of junk. I've always had a crazy fast metabolism and for years was never over 120lbs (after a year of...
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    Out of curiosity Plumpnum, is there any new projects you're working on at DevArt?
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    documentary on Discovery

    long time lurker, first time poster... jesus you talk a lot... wouldn't 1 reply have been enough?