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  1. Bountiful1966

    What does your name mean?

    Shayna is Hebrew for beautiful.
  2. Bountiful1966

    whats your age an age range every one welcome

    I am 43 and my age range is 40-60
  3. Bountiful1966

    What's your Favorite Non-Standard Part

    Definately love the back boobs. I love to massage them and knead my fingers all over a BHM's back :) YUMMMMMMMMMMMY!!!!
  4. Bountiful1966

    To all our moms...

    There's one thing in life I do know for sure and thats the love between my son and I. He makes me feel like I am whole when I catch a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye, just doing something simple like reading a book, or playing with his younger nephews. The way he smiles at me when I...
  5. Bountiful1966

    Attached or looking?

    Actually I might even have 3 ;)
  6. Bountiful1966

    Attached or looking?

    Jeeper you are def something to drool over :)
  7. Bountiful1966

    Attached or looking?

    still looking for that elusive butterfly....any takers? heheheh ;)
  8. Bountiful1966

    to all the sexy bhm

    I am def a FFA and i just love a big soft teddy bear :)
  9. Bountiful1966

    Do chubby guys turn you on?

    i have found that most bhms dont want a fat chick but want the skinny bimbos
  10. Bountiful1966

    Vile disgusting ignorant family members

    disown the bastard and shut him out of your life, you deserve better and parents should accept their children no matter what. good luck
  11. Bountiful1966

    New BHM on the block

    Hey great handsome pics and beautiful little girl :) welcome to dims :)
  12. Bountiful1966

    No 2nd seat charges for air travellers in Canada :)

    now if they can only do that in america, i would be a happy flyer since i have to fly twice a year to take my son to see his dad or pick him up in Mississippi when i live in California :) thanks for bringing this to light
  13. Bountiful1966

    List your top 5 sexiest BHM/FFA members of this forum

    well to be honest, i think all the men are very handsome and the women are very beautiful. There is one particular tribal teddy bear i fancy though :):kiss2:
  14. Bountiful1966

    New guy with new pics

    woo hoo i get to be first to comment on that sexy belly!!! keep up the chubby work :)
  15. Bountiful1966

    English gent unleashes monster belly onto the interwebz...

    mmmmmmmmmmm i could just bury my face in that belly and zirbit it :) nummy!!!!!!!!!! and such a sexy kissable face too :) :kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::kiss2: