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  1. cakeboy

    Your top 3

    Best Front Woman : Joan Jett Siouxsie Sioux Bonnie Raitt Best Spielberg Films : Saving Private Ryan E.T. (ET was a fucking Jedi.) Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  2. cakeboy

    unpopular opinions thread

    99.6% of Twitter accounts are sharts that ended up on a computer screen. E-sharts.
  3. cakeboy

    Secret Message Service!

    To the total sex rocket who is masturbating furiously outside my window : I will be maturbating furiously while watching you watching me masturbate. That's meta as fuck. I have the weirdest boner right meow! I'm not even kitten.
  4. cakeboy

    Secret Message Service!

    Holy tinkle tacos I love this thread.
  5. cakeboy


    Well, there you have it.
  6. cakeboy

    unpopular opinions thread

    I'm going to send you a picture of my head with my cock cropped out! Seriously, though, you're spot on. It's unappealing in every way.
  7. cakeboy

    unpopular opinions thread

    I hate porn. I'd rather fuck than watch other people fucking.
  8. cakeboy

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    You fucking guys with your handsomeness.
  9. cakeboy

    My biggest fear is...

    I have a dual fear of the tide of collective idiocy overwhelming civilisation entirely, and of fanaticism. A fanatical mind (religious, political, whatever the fuck) is entirely closed and nigh impossible to open.
  10. cakeboy

    Any way you want it

    I visit Hyde Park occasionally for the comedy. Partisan idiocy + un-medicated pathologies + fumbling passive-aggressiveness = awesomeness.
  11. cakeboy

    My Fat Body

    I think we should be hetero life partners.
  12. cakeboy

    Any way you want it

    A cheap umbrella is just a piss off.
  13. cakeboy

    Thoughts on LDRs

    Relationships have a high failure rate no matter the distance. If the two parties involved are compatible and put the requisite work in, then the chances of success are better. I've known people who entered into a LDR with zero financial resources to travel and it sucked the life out of them...
  14. cakeboy

    Any Other BHM's trying to lose weight?

    Crush your fat cells. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of the trans fats.
  15. cakeboy

    Any way you want it

    Yeah man, I made that mistake :/
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