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    Story Ideas

    A guy invents a fat attractor and fat repellent lotion, hoping to take over the natural breast enlargement business by storm. Repellent goes everywhere you don't want any fat cells forming, attractor promotes it. He convinces his friend's hot slim GF to test it for a week to no results. Turns...
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    ok... why no game WG?

    there was this fantasy castle run ot something story. Gals eating their way out of a castle maze. Unfinished if I recall correctly. Defo a pacman and RPG motives in that one.
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    BBW Planet XL - by Marlow

    So, the story is perfect. Has all the right development, dialogues, action, its fair share of surprises, mostly believable ones, and overall its very readable. I like the supposedly future swearing - holy nebulas, holy stars etc... all kinds of remarks add spice to the story. What I don't...
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    Practical Joke - by Greinskyn (~BBW, Revenge, MWG)

    How about her finding out for a change, then struggling to stabilize the weight and then reversing the joke back??Would make a different story for a change. Say she let be stuffed in sleep, pretending only and then doing the same?
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    Before and After

    What has one do to see those pictures? All moved and i am sure someone stored them...