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  1. Canadian

    Where in the world to run away to?

    I've found that a person's available options for a place to run away to vary greatly depending upon the runner's specific cardiovascular stamina.
  2. Canadian

    2011 New Years Resolution: or what to do before the world ends in 2012

    My New Year's Resolution - to find a club that can even handle me right now, and then to put out the shorty-fire burning on the dance floor. Ooooh-oh-oh. Cough.
  3. Canadian

    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    So, it's been years since I've posted, but yes, I do still exist, and yes, on my recent review, I still had a face. Want proof? See? No denying it. So how is everyone? Still pretty+handsome, I see.
  4. Canadian

    Should I use the soap?!?

    I like this idea, but I feel that taking my camera into the shower with me could be disaster. What with the water, and the soap, and the electronics. Now if I had a photographer....
  5. Canadian

    Should I use the soap?!?

    So I don't know where it came from. After last weekend, it just showed up. Bam. Right there in the bathroom, where you would normally store soap. I asked the two guys I live with if they knew where it came from.... and naw... naw they didn't. I'm not even sure it's soap though. I...
  6. Canadian

    whats the one thing you want?

    I have no idea what you guys are referencing.... Angel wings on your back? The island of Cyrus? Telekinesis?
  7. Canadian

    What makes you really happy?

    A tank full of gas, an open highway, and crystal meth.
  8. Canadian

    whats the one thing you want?

    fackin'.... world peace, and shit.
  9. Canadian

    Top Ten Reasons I like Pumas.

    Hahahah c'mon, would you expect anything else?
  10. Canadian

    Top Ten Reasons I like Pumas.

    Hooray for Pumas! God bless them... every one!
  11. Canadian

    Online Quiz - what accent do you have?

    Which American accent do you have? My Results: Canadian People from outside North America probably think you`re from the States, but over here we wouldn't make such a mistake. IT KNEW!
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    Top Ten Reasons I like Pumas.

    Excellent reason that I completely forgot about. Lions are such braggarts, walking around with that ridiculous hair style. Pumas don't care about superfluous aesthetics. They're straight substance, man.
  13. Canadian

    My First FA Sighting...LOL

    Hahahahahaha. Wow, did this thread ever turn into solid gold. Elle, you should know better than to fuck with a man's backpatch. C'mon now. Love you T, but hooray for e-tantrums!
  14. Canadian

    Top Ten Reasons I like Pumas.

    1. Pumas are cats, which are generally domesticated, but the Puma is not domesticated. This shows a lot of courage. It takes a brave feline to not sell out to the man. 2. Puma is not only the name of a cat, but the name of a shoe as well. Shoes protect your feet from broken glass and...
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    when you went from being pinocchio to being a real boy/man

    I got a pretty shitty deal, actually. I was a real boy up until August of 2007, at which point I actually turned into Pinocchio. Most days are okay, but the lows are really, really... well.... low, I guess. Like just the other day, I caught fire. Sat too close to a campfire. I guess it...