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    Zack and Miri Make a Porno..

    Seth Rogen may have gotten super skinny since he finished that movie, but good news for FFAs, in some interview I watched he vowed to 'immediately expand' the day shooting for his new movie is over. Apparently he hates being skinny. As a BHM, I can understand. Haven't seen ZMMP but probably...
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    FFA/BHM Relationships

    Yeah, I second that. It's just too hot, so you can find yourself choosing to ignore otherwise glaring long term compatibility problems without even realizing it. I suspect anyone with a peculiar, hard-to-come-by sexual compatibility could experience this problem.
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    Fat haters of Facebook

    Anybody sure these guys are actually serious? I'm fat and this group just made me laugh, I don't feel offended at all, the premise is so obviously ludicrous there's no point taking it seriously. :P But even if they are serious, complaining about it or flaming them is stupid. I believe in free...
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    BHM vs BBW emotions?

    I think for a lot of insecure BHMs (and BBWs too, I'm sure), particularly ones unacquainted with fat appreciation, the very notion of someone giving POSITIVE attention to fat seems absurd, since they're SO conditioned into thinking any attention given toward fat will invariably be negative...
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    BHM vs BBW emotions?

    I love having my size pointed out in a positive way. For awhile I diluted myself into thinking there was no such thing, but having it pointed out (especially by a girl) with a smile on her face is NEVER a bother. Unless the intent is clearly malicious, I don't think as a BHM I feel nearly as...
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    FFA/BHM Relationships

    Awesome. I'm gonna use that some day. Thanks!
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    BHM vs BBW emotions?

    All very true! I concede all your points, actually. As people have said earlier, I guess a lot of it really comes down to perspective; it's futile and impossible to try to say one group has the shorter end of the stick because 1) everyone's experience is different 2) no one has truly had both...
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    FFA/BHM Relationships

    Wow, those are both awesome replies and very helpful for me putting some perspective into the whole situation. Deep down I think I knew there was something blatantly counter-intuitive about dropping the L-bomb insanely early on, but I went with it because it felt good and we both seemed to...
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    What does DIMs and the BHM/FFA Board Mean to you?

    I'm not really sure what Dims really means to me. Despite being a BHM I still feel kind of out of place here and find it difficult to make any friends in the FA community. **shrug**
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    BHM vs BBW emotions?

    Well for one thing, there seem to be a LOT more FAs than there are FFAs. The culture surrounding acceptance of FAs/BBWs is huge, whereas the culture of FFA/BHM is comparatively non-existent. There are no BHM events, just BBW events. Whether this is because there are more FAs than FFAs or...
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    Rep whines

    That's exactly it. The more reps you have, the cooler you are. ;)
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    FFA/BHM Relationships

    Just wondering if others have experienced anything like this. I dated my first FFA over a couple months of the summer and things got off to a really intense start. Within a week we had professed love to each other and within two we were calling each other the loves of our lives, telling each...
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    Ladies: what costumes would you like to see BHM in?

    Lmao I think I have all the clothes required to pull that off already... maybe I'll go out and scare some kids with my Cartman impression tomorrow night.
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    Where are the Skinny FFAs at?

    Yeah as a BHM I definitely don't discriminate against BBWs, have dated a couple, but I must admit there's something undeniably sexy about dating a comparatively skinny girl. Something about the contrast when I have my arms around her looking in the mirror is just plain hot. Rock on skinny FFAs lol.
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    Attached or looking?

    I would say just make sure the guy knows it's casual dating that you're looking for before he starts to get too emotionally attached. If he insists on something more serious, let him down ASAP before things get worse, you two are obviously looking for different things.