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    Jaded Discovery - by Cardboard Boxer (~BBW(multiple), Adventure)

    ~BBW(multiple), Adventure - Obese fertility cult revived in the 21st Century Jaded Discovery by Cardboard Boxer Treasure. Gems. Bountiful loot ready to be plundered. Mythic and mystical objects of legend. A lifetime of seeking and soon she would have her name in all the paleontology...
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    Neuroenhancement - by Cardboardboxer (SSBBW, WG Formula, Revenge, ~XWG)

    SSBBW, WG Formula, Revenge, ~XWG - Competitive athlete is sabotaged by rivals Neuroenhancement by Cardboardboxer Stepping down from the treadmill Julia Renner brushed her short auburn hair out of her eyes as she wiped the sweat from her brow. 6 and half miles in under an hour. Not bad...
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    The Fortune Reader - cardboardboxer (~BBW, ~~WG, Magic)

    wow didn't think i'd get a reply like that, especially from one of my favorite FA fiction writers, thanks! I think I'll get started on writing some more now.
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    The Disc - by cardboardboxer (~BBW, ~~WG, Fantasy)

    ~BBW, ~~WG, Fantasy - An exercise fanatic finds a "classic" workout vidoe and gives it a try. The Disc By cardboardboxer Alicia Starks started her normal morning exercise routine without a second thought of eating. Her mornings usually began the same way; exercise first for an hour and a...
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    The Fortune Reader - cardboardboxer (~BBW, ~~WG, Magic)

    ~BBW, Magic, ~~WG - A young woman wanders into a strange tent while looking for her boyfriend at the fair The Fortune Reader By cardboardboxer Wandering aimlessly through the crowds at the fairground was getting to her. She absolutely hated the people associated with the carnival, including...
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    The Carnival Attraction - by cardboardboxer (~BBW, ~XWG, Magic)

    ~BBW, ~XWG, Magic - A mysterious funhouse The Carnival Attraction By cardboardboxer Candice had been walking for what seemed like hours at the fair, her feet tired she decided to sit down and rest her feet. "I knew sandals would be a bad idea, it's so hot and dusty my feet are starting to...