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    oy, it's letters to people and things, part deuce!

    Dear best friend number 1, Ahh, I can't believe we're turning 21! I can't wait for the weekend - it's going to be brilliant! Looking forward to catching up with you too :D I love where I live now and all, but I miss you like crazy sometimes. See you on Friday! Moi xxx...
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    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    Same here! Except I refuse to move back home :p Can't take it after living away for three years - I'm willing to do (nearly) any job so I can afford to stay here. Also: It finally feels like summer and I can enjoy this gorgeous weather without feeling guilty yay!
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    Do you have a job?

    Student! Well I am until Thursday, when I sit my last exam :D ...I really need to find a job.
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    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    Its a lovely day today, and I'm gonna bake a cake :D
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    what are you happy about today? Part 1

    Dissertation got handed in yesterday!! And Eurovision was on tonight, and the UK did really well. Didn't win, but still, yay! :D
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    oy, it's letters to people and things!

    Dear dissertation, I am glad you are my last proper essay, because you are a bitch and I hate you. I don't even care any more - I just want to finish, hand you in by next Friday, and get a 2:1 off of you. From, a seriously fed up student. P.s. but you are only meant to be 8,000 words...
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    what are you happy about today? Part 1

    Watching one of my favourite films with my flatmate, and forgetting all about the work we have to do for a couple of hours :D
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    Attached or looking?

    Single, but have no time for anything at the moment anyway! I'm hoping that means that loads of guys will suddenly become interested in me, in true Sod's Law fashion :D
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    to all the sexy bhm

    This, too.
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    to all the sexy bhm

    Um...have I missed the part where people are being judged for just posting on a particular board or two? If that's been happening, them I'm pretty screwed. But I think the point is that if fat guys want to be more noticed, then they maaaay have to move away from one particular board and branch...
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    The thread for random single confessions!

    Those types of programmes are oddly addictive!! I love 'To Buy or Not to Buy' personally (people look at houses, decide whether or not they want to buy one of them lol) :D though, one of the presenters has been recently replaced and I am not happy. I suppose my confession is that I am a typical...
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    to all the sexy bhm

    I just wanted to comment on this part particularly... I'm sorry you've had bad experiences, but I've never seen that, or heard of it. I am a girl, I have female friends, and very very few of these women have definite preferences for their guys. I am one of the exceptions, liking BHM almost...
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    to all the sexy bhm

    We have gang signs? Awesome!
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    FA/FFA Where Do you Live?

    Woah, 12,000 people is a village? I grew up in a town of 14,000...there were villages near me with only a couple of hundred people living there :p Anyway, I'm in England. Newcastle for now. Pros: It's not where I grew up, but it's home :) geordies are generally really friendly! Good (and...
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    Women- Who do you have a heterosexual crush on?

    I agree! So beautiful! And she makes the best food too.