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  1. Chef

    Pinto beans and cornbread.

    I always crumbled my dry cornbread into the beans.
  2. Chef

    Asian Pickled Vegetables

    You mean a local preparation, like the in-store deli puts together in most supermarkets, only with those special asian spices... Hmm..
  3. Chef

    Late Night Cereal

    I used to have these cereal attacks, like Big Mac attacks. I would get a craving for a particular cereal I haven't had in a long time, like Wheaties, or Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch, Corn Chex, or even Toasties. And one bowl was never enough. I'd eat the entire box in one sitting if I had...
  4. Chef

    Foodee Complaints

    I remember watching a fast food documentary once that covered all the restaurants, and that exact point you just mentioned is exactly what the McDonalds Corp wants.. consistency. That the Big Mac you order in Lancaster, PA, will be exactly like the Big Mac you order anywhere else in the world...
  5. Chef

    Side dishes

    All preferred side dish recipes.. or just those without veggies?
  6. Chef

    November Iron Foodee Challenge

    November Vote?
  7. Chef

    Good quality cookware

    Here Here for the All-Clads.. but since I use a solid-surface stove, I'm wary of using cast-iron even if it is a Le Crueset.
  8. Chef

    Dimensions' Diabetic Support Thread

    I take Metformin 1,000mg twice a day, and tried Avandia briefly back in September to worse than expected results. (I also take neurontin, lisinopril, tricor, and lovaza) I was asked twice by my doctor if I've considered using insulin. (I hate needles.. I hatessss them.. I hatesssss them...
  9. Chef

    Strange food mascots, does this bother you too?

    Well, there's your problem.. they're drinking a beer! That's why they're acting all crazy..
  10. Chef

    Strange food mascots, does this bother you too?

    this is like the one I see everywhere from the freeway..
  11. Chef

    Strange food mascots, does this bother you too?

    Chik Fil A Ad:
  12. Chef

    Flying/Swollen Ankles/Compression socks/etc

    I swear by mild compression socks, and I wear a small. ;)
  13. Chef

    Dimensions' Diabetic Support Thread

    Update: I've been really struggling with trying to get my bloodsugars below 130, and my average is 167. Today, I've started using Lantus insulin glargine at 10 units/nightly. I just performed my first injection. Talk about battle over willpower.
  14. Chef

    Corky's BBQ

    And a great lunch at Landry's Seafood house.. but I've been told its a Joe's Crab Shack now. :(
  15. Chef

    Corky's BBQ

    When I was in Memphis for a week, we ate 4 of the 7 nights at Corkys. The other bbq place we sampled was the Rendezvous.