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    looking for a story

    hey all, I've been looking for this story and its driving me nuts. Now I could be wrong but I think this story was written by JP. Anyways Its something like Charlies Concubines and it had 3 agents who ended up getting really fat at the end of the story, if anyone knows what stories I'm talking...
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    looking for a story

    hey im looking for a story, ive checked all over curvage, on here and on deviantart and can't find it. Its about Jennifer Lopez fattening up Kim Kardashian. I believe the reason for it was because Jennifer was jealous of Kims big butt. If someone knows the story I'm talking about please post the...
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    An old Deryk Shane story...

    actually im very interested in this story as well. i have never read this story so i would like to have a chance to read it deryk. please post it
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    Witches' Convention - by Jenrose15 (~BBW, Magic ~~WG)

    ya me too, i can't wait for the next part of the story, hopefully its soon
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    A Nightmare On Elm Street - by Chevg (SSBBW (multiple), Stuffing, ~XWG)

    i think ill prolly continue with writing horror stories just because i enjoy reading about a girl gettin fattened up by a horror star. im gonna be honest i havent seen 1 hellraiser movie yet, ive seen all halloween, friday the 13ths and freddy (the best) which is i wrote this story
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    A Nightmare On Elm Street - by Chevg (SSBBW (multiple), Stuffing, ~XWG)

    thanks guys really appreciate the compliments, thinking of doing another story with weight gain or lil bit of inflation....any ideaS?
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    A Nightmare On Elm Street - by Chevg (SSBBW (multiple), Stuffing, ~XWG)

    SSBBW (multiple), Stuffing, ~XWG - A fresh take on an old classic. A Nightmare on Elm Street 8: Freddy’s Back From the Dead by chevg [Author's Note: This story will be a dark weight gain story, but there won't be any killing, just a very massive amount of weight gain. This is my first...