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    Boyfriend is loosing weight, I feel less attracted to him :(

    No bigmac...I've never said directly to him that i find his body a turn off. If you read my post, i said that when i met him, he knew what my preference was we both talked about body preferences plus he also knows Ive dated guys much bigger than him and i never said i was turned off by their...
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    Boyfriend is loosing weight, I feel less attracted to him :(

    Sadly, I'm going through the opposite. My bf was thin and fit when we first met, we became friends and things evolved from there. He's known from the very beginning that my preference has been thinner guys. Although, I have dated men of various sizes in the past but my preference for the last...
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    Feeling Hurt :(

    No worries hon :) thanks for the concern but I have put him out of my mind since I hate liars. Lies ALWAYS come out, one time or another and I just dont want anything to do with that stupidity mess. Im too old/mature for games. I hope you're feeling better :)
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    BBWs with *GASP* small boobs!

    Sorry to read you're feeling insecure about your books. I too have had an issue with mine, not so much the size...but my nipples. .they seem to have a mind of their own and its been frustrating many times in my life especially when starting to date someone new. I hate having to explain to the...
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    Au Naturale?

    Well thanks to my German genes, I have to pluck my eyebrows....thanks dad... lol but thanks to my mom, leg hair is still blonde and very minimal. . I shave my legs, pits and pubes. I cant stand pubic hair on me at all..I usually trim it short to the skin, if I shave too often, I get razor burn...
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    What makes you feel sexy?

    I love to wear lingerie. ..not just for a guy but *I* like makes me feel sexy I guess. It's a bit hard for me to use the word sexy because I've had only one man in real life tell me to my face that he thinks im sexy. But hes the only one so mostly I just feel pretty or beautiful if I...
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    BBW modeling made me feel like crap

    aaww thanks Mario :) Im still around and post here from time to time. I'm more active on FB these days but even then I just look around sometimes lol
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    Big Women: Big Love Show

    Ive watched the last 2 episodes..dont know how long its been on since I ws flipping channels and just came across it. Its ok so far..and theres always going to be at least one self absorbed woman in any group lol. and just 2 cents here from me....not all texas women act out in public like the...
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    BBW modeling made me feel like crap

    Wow. ..ok just 2 cent here since most every one has already said what I'd say too. Im most certainly not in my 20's anymore but most ppl have no idea my age..Beauty is what you think of yourself.*NOT* how much money you made or could have made on an adult website. I did it for years, some weeks...
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    Feeling Hurt :(

    I agree with some other comments as it is her loss and she obviously has some issues she meeds to get help with. Sadly, I'm recently in the same boat with you with a long time online male friend of about 6 years. A guy from this website that I actually met on another site first. We had become...
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    Love the dress in your profile pic! You look great in it! Wish I could find one like that in my...

    Love the dress in your profile pic! You look great in it! Wish I could find one like that in my size :p
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    Hello :) I just wanted to say hi and compliment you :) I think you are lovely! Has anyone...

    Hello :) I just wanted to say hi and compliment you :) I think you are lovely! Has anyone ever told you that you could be related to Reese Witherspoon?? If not, let me be the first. I think she's lovely and so are you! :) I hope this doesn't come off as creepy. I'm not into women but I...
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    Do you think that plus size acceptance has increased or decreased in today's society?

    I think there's a bit of both now days. There seems to be more large people so society is having an easier time saying rude things to people of size, but also, there are things that are a bit more accommodating than in the past. Austin USED to be much more size friendly but in the past 10...
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    So who owns Dimensions now?

    I was one of those models that stopped posting on fat-forums when they originally changed things. (I say originally changed because I haven't looked at that site since then and they may have changed yet again) I didn't like the hot-headed people associated with the site.. but that was my...
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    What does one do when she discovers a love of the gym?

    I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with what your girlfriend is doing. I've read all the posts and there's not much for me to add, lots of good advice. The only thing I didn't ready about what the fact that nobody mentioned about you saying you want to marry this girl, yet you seem to...